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World Stealers : A Fan Fiction podcast is a show where  hosts, Liz and Cait, start by choosing a franchise to write original fan fictions, and then read them aloud, while revealing the writing process.

For Part II of the Little Mermaid series, Cait reads her original fan fiction…

Le Crab

A true enemy has emerged. Royal chef and ever vigilant, Louis, must battle with a literal demon, as well as his own. 

Fan Fiction begins at 8:06

Music Credits

Poupis Theme, Komiku –

Sad French Accordion, Dana Boule

La Marseillaise (French National Anthem), Angelsh

Fred Mele, et son Jaz Oui Oui

Lucienne Poyer, Parle Moi

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Chris Ables @chrisablesart

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