Introducing Awkward Sex And The City… and Season 2 Announcement!

Frasier-philes fans and aficionados, don’t fear. Because I’m Listening : A Frasier Podcast with Anita Flores is going to have a SEASON TWO! It’s in the works with some really excited guests.

In the meantime, Anita appeared as a guest on a brand new More Banana podcast…

Awkward Sex And The City

Hosted by Natalie Wall, Awkward Sex And The City, is based on the popular touring storytelling show, and features guests discussing real stories about their sexual exploits, adventures, discoveries, and revelations. For every hilarious sexual tale, there are gross moments to match and love of everything awkward.

In the first episode of Awkward Sex And The City, Anita comes on a guest and shows a different side from the smooth talking Frasier fan-host.

Stay subscribed where you get your podcasts to the I’m Listening : A Frasier Podcast thread and season two will be in your feed soon.

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