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The month of August has been busy. We have so much to talk about. Strap in…

Got A New Lewk

In preparation fo media outreach, we have changed our look. You may have noticed that the website is now sporting new bright colors and the logo has changed (see above).

The brand had to be more energetic in order keep up with the laugh-filled, attention-grabbing shows that you powerhouses are making.  Plus, I personally love a good makeover.

Got A New Wonderwoman

Savannah, our new audience enegagment intern, started last week! She will be handling More Banana’s social media channels and audience growth initiatives. Savannah has already started with some great design and content ideas, look out for them @_morebanana. We are so happy to have her and excited to help grow her creative voice.

She has already expressed interest in reaching out to Creators with ideas! So feel free to contact her at

Get Information

There are two separate training opportunities I want to make available in the next few months.

AC Dumlao will be leading a session about how More Banana will better serve transgender and non-binary communities.This is something that will be incorporated into More Banana operation, but we’re also opening the session up to anyone who might want to learn about being a better ally and advocate.

The tentative date for this session is Friday September 28th from 12pm to 3pm.Please let me know if you’re interested in attending. We’ll be sending out the info and resources afterwards if you can’t make it.

Also, for all those self-starters, who take on too many skills, I’m going to provide audio editing training. If you want to learn how to tackle editing your own shows, or just have an idea of how the sausage is made. We will be starting with two separate 2-hour sessions in Sept-Oct. Let me know if you want to be involved and what days/times work best for you!

Get Those Guests

ICYMI, Welcome To My Vagina and Awkward Sex And The City both have some incredible guests in the last episodes. Also, I’m Listening will also have some killer guests in the new season, premiering Sept 4th. *achem* Like an actual executive producer of Frasier!!

In Creator Resources (password : creatorpage), we will be building a Guest Database to spread the contact love to all More Banana shows.

We’re also taking guest suggestions. If you have any recommendations for a guest that would fit in any More Banana show, please pass it along to me and I’ll make sure it’s included! #helpyourfriendsgetfamous

Get That Money

We are in the beginning round of a really exciting partnership with Shine Registry,a start-up company for women founders! They are a registry for woman-owned businesses (we got a profile too) to source funding and support.

Part of the partnership will be advertising opportunities for Shine Registry users, meaning that woman-owned businesses will very likely be listening, promoting, and sponsoring More Banana shows! The co-founders of Shine Registry are power-ladies who are very excited to be working with us. As we figure out what potential sponsorships and affiliate opportunities will look like, check out Shine Registry and some of the registries below.

Wing on Wo & Co. and the W.O.W. Project

Fizz Pop Pins

Survivor Alliance

Got Those Downloads

We are currently at 9,500 downloads across all More Banana shows. Therefore, we still have a way to go, but our numbers together are not small. Just as a reference point, the top 10% of all podcasts get more than 15,000 downloads per episode. We are well above what the listener downloads for the average podcast (also our downloads have tripled in August, so it’s not a slow climb.)

One of the biggest reasons I started More Banana was based on these results. As one show grows a unique audience, and gains attention for great content, our other podcasts will benefit.

We are sharing an audience. Where they overlap, they will also become stronger advocates and loyalists to More Banana’s Creators. More importantly, as we support each other in guest sharing and promotion, our audience will feel like they are a part this community too. I truly believe this is how we build a great audience, and it’s backed up by similar practices in other networks. Also, creative women helping each other succeed is basically my fetish rn.

Get Outta Here!

Those are all the updates, and thoughts, and love I have for now! Reach out anytime and bother me.

Your over eager gal pal, who is somehow in charge,