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In this episode, Rebekah introduces everyone to her new dog, Goose. Then your two favorite hosts in Vaginaland get into the nitty gritty of the women’s hygiene market. They tell you all about what you should, and what you should not, stick in your vagina. Stuck something weird in your vagina and want to know if it’s okay? Well, short answer is it probably isn’t but listen to find out! Or send us an email at for any specific questions. And, in true WTMV fashion, Jessy and Rebekah finish off with something a little lighter – this week it’s weird state laws. Wow! Give it a listen! And, as always, C U Next Tuesday!

  • 00:30: Jessy and Rebekah propose changing the way we talk about voting and rather than calling it Election Day, it should be Voters Day! Because it is our day goddamnit!
  • 01:00: Rebekah got a dog!
  • 05:15: Here is our first episode, Vulva Shame! You can learn so much! And also see how much we have learned about podcasting. We have all come so far. Go team.
  • 06:15: The inventor of the douche was indeed a man. We know, SHOCKING. His name was Anthony E. Magoris and was awarded a patent for what he called the “combined syringe and speculum” on March 29th, 1892. He also held the patent on the tampon which he was granted on May 18th, 1901. Figures.
  • 07:00: This article from The Guardian, “The Vagina is self-cleaning – so why does the ‘feminine hygiene’ industry exist?” is well worth the read.
  • 07:30: Here is our hero and yours Dr. Jennifer Gunter taking down the Teen Vogue article on her website. It’s informative. And also fucking hilarious.
  • 10:30: Here is a whole history on douching. It is SUPER interesting.
  • 11:30: If you haven’t listened to our episode on body hair, well, what are you waiting for?! We do a deep dive into the capitalist roots of hair removal! It’s totally fucked. But also entirely predictable.
  • 14:30: If you want to follow Dr. Jennifer Gunter (and why in the world wouldn’t you?!) you can find her here, @DrJenGunter. Seriously, she is an ocean of vaginal knowledge.
  • 17:30: Here is an entire article from Forbes, called “The Mystery Behind Ancient Vaginal Jade Eggs Has Been Cracked,” that tells you everything you didn’t realize you needed to know about jade eggs and how dangerous they are.
  • 25:45: And again, here is the link to Body Hair Don’t Care! It’s good and funny and informative and you should listen. Okay bye.
  • 26:30: Here is an article that runs through the history of glitter bombing. It is magnificent.
  • 29:30: Here is our girl Jen Gunter telling you not to put a wasp nest in your vagina. Here is Women’s Health Magazine telling you not to put a wasp next in your vagina. And here is Forbes. FORBES!! Forbes is also telling you not to put a wasp nest in your vagina.






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