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Hello Creators, Friends, and Champions,

Things are getting hot and heavy in the studio, because so much work is getting done and sometimes we have to turn off the AC when recording. These last few weeks have seen the release of a NEW show, the adoption of THREE new Creators, the launch of our Media Outreach strategy.

First, we want to take the time to introduce two new Creators bringing their genius to the More Banana family. Jamie (Odd Acidy) and Chelsea (Ragna Rök), Roller Derby HBICs, have started production on a show that merges the experience of Roller Derby with mental health, social justice, gender issues, etc. The first interview, at Kill Room Studios, revolved around managing depression, and sounded amazing.

Also, just this week we’ve brought on the hilarious Ayanna Dookie, to help produce her show “Who Does The Baby’s Hair?” which will focus on “stories of growing up bi- and multi-racial, and discussing current events that apply to the multiracial experience.” Pre-production will begin in the next few weeks, growing our podcast roster to 8 SHOWS!!

We’re excited to see what will emerge from these new corners of More Banana. Please send along any ideas, questions, or just general encouragement.

ICYMI, we released the first episode of Awkward Sex And The Citythis last Tuesday, with More Banana amazing-lady-and-premiere-show-host Anita Flores! Give the first episode a listen and subscribe here. And look out for a new episode out Tuesday July 17th.

For the next few months, Liz and Meredith will be leading up our Media Outreach strategy. The goal is to get your shows on the media radar and in the earholes of your audience. This also includes advertisers, which yay money! More importantly, we’re aiming to appear in your news alerts as the “First all women and female identifying podcast network.” As of right now, we’re gathering lead sources, so please reach out with any contacts or ideas for the team. They can be reached directly at and

The expansion of More Banana has been incredible. Since launching in January, we never really expected the network to reach this size so quickly or to gain this kind of momentum. I personally think it’s very telling of the industry that we’re trying to influence. In light of that I want to highlight two podcasts that are growing in the same tradition as More Banana. Hysteria, which managed to reach the iTunes Charts at #1 as an all-lady news podcast. As Meredith has been saying a lot this week, “I just can’t listen to men talk anymore,” so we’ve obviously found this new show refreshing. Also, Zig Zag, which tells the story of two women who leave WNYC in response to the sexual harassment allegations coming out of the studio, and tell the story of trying to launch a woman owned production company. Make sure you give both a listen. They are great examples of when there’s no place for you, then you gotta just name your own town and steal running water. That’s a Caitlyn original that you can put in front of a sunset on Instagram, if you’re feeling frisky.

Thank you all again for your hard work and contribution. Talk soon,