The First Amendment- As Long As It’s Not Polygamy

In this episode of Let’s Get Civical, Lizzie and Arden talk about the First Amendment of the Constitution with their guest, actor, writer, and voice over artist, Mara Wilson. Join them as they deep dive into: freedom of the press, speech, religion and assembly; how Woodrow Wilson really sucks; and the Supreme Court cases that…(Continue Reading)

Impeachment- It’s Not Personal, It’s Politics

In this episode of Let’s Get Civical, Lizzie and Arden talk about the impeachment process with their guest and host of NPR’s Ask Me Another, Ophira Eisenberg. Join them as they detail the political process of impeachment, talk about who can and cannot be impeached, and why it’s never really happened at the Presidential level…yet.…(Continue Reading)

Voter Turnout – There’s an Equation for That

In this episode of Let’s Get Civical, Lizzie and Arden talk about voter turnout with their guest Mike Houston, best known for his role as Lee Dixon in Orange is the New Black. Join them as they talk about the different ways to define voter turnout, what determines if people come out and vote, and…(Continue Reading)

The History of America’s Political Parties – And What the Illuminati Gave Us

In this episode of Let’s Get Civical, Lizzie and Arden welcome guest and co-host of By the Book Podcast, Jolenta Greenberg. Join them as them deep dive into the parties of the founding fathers, talk about the short-lived Bull Moose Party, and dissect how we’ve arrived at the Republican and Democratic Parties that we have…(Continue Reading)

Let’s Get Civical & Sexual – Lizzie Stewart and Arden Walentowski

The slaydies from More Banana’s newest podcast, Let’s Get Civical, sit down with Natalie Wall and figure out what sex and civics have in common. Arden Walentowski and Lizzie Stewart share stories of pooping in public, men who have holes in their clothes, and how the government shutdown is really because some people *cough* Mitch…(Continue Reading)

Movement: Black Youth Abroad with Kicy Motley

In this weeks episode Jessy and Rebekah discuss the important role that traveling has played in their lives, they interview Kicy Motley who is starting a bomb ass organization called Movement: Black Youth Abroad and then they regale one another with poop stories. It’s funny, it’s informative and it’ll make you want to get your…(Continue Reading)

Everyone Should Just Try Reddit Once – Cait Moldenhauer

This week on Awkward Sex And The City Podcast with Natalie Wall, More Banana founder and producer, Cait Moldenhauer comes on to discuss  Reddit, pegging, and life revelations.  Check out Cait’s Podcasts, There Will Be Porn and World Stealers on the More Banana network.  Follow the podcast on Instagram at @awkwardsexandthecity on Twitter @awkwardsexcity  and at iTunes Spotify RadioPublic…(Continue Reading)