My First Time Was Gonna Be With Ricki Lake – Ali Clayton

Comedian Ali Clayton tells a story about awkward sex in New York, specially her first sexual experience with a woman! Then Natalie Wall and Ali discuss Ali’s background from North Carolina, being sober, and her relationship. Follow Natalie @awkwardsexandthecity Check out Ali at @ACountryClayton iTunes Spotify RadioPublic Stitcher iHeartRadio Google Podcasts Related Shows

Presidential Pardons – If I Mistake Not!

In this episode of Let’s Get Civical, Lizzie and Arden tackle the Presidential pardon. Join them as they talk about the Office of the Pardon Attorney, what Alexander Hamilton thought about the pardon, and what makes Trump’s pardons a little bit different. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @letsgetcivical, @lizzie_the_rock_stewart, and @ardenjulianna. Or visit…(Continue Reading)

Lucid Dream Jizzing – Jeena Bloom

Jeena Bloom (@jeenabloom) comes on the podcast this week to tell a story about her first sexual experience and the fate of a low ceiling in Florida.  Check out Jeena’s podcast here on the More Banana Network.  Shweet! A Ladies Guide To Bro Culture Follow the podcast on Instagram at @awkwardsexandthecity on Twitter @awkwardsexcity  and at iTunes Spotify RadioPublic…(Continue Reading)

Felicity Huffman, Aunt Becky Are Going to Jail?! Emergency Episode!

*BREAKING NEWS* We interrupt your regularly scheduled scam to discuss COLLEGE ADMISSIONS-GATE 2019! Sue & Caity dropped everything for a bi-coastal skype to talk about Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and their dirty college entrance schemes. Our Patreon, social media channels, and more! Send us your scams! Or call: 347-509-9414 DISCLAIMER: We are comedians and…(Continue Reading)

Beducated About Orgasms with Mariah Freya

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah get to chat with Mariah Freya, co-founder of, all that way from her home in Germany! We learned about tantric sex, her journey through the world of sexual awakening and made a new friend! We also learned a little about where the term “G-spot” came from, how small…(Continue Reading)

Radical Positivity and Getting Jacked AF with Cara Brennan

Frau Pow was started by two women on the same roller derby team. This week Odd and Rags bring on Strong Woman, actress, and personal trainer Cara Brennan to discuss her transformation and her pathway to body building and radical positivity.  Check out Cara’s work at Instagram: @captainstarbuck  Follow Frau Pow at @fraupowpodcast  Don’t…(Continue Reading)