Who Does The
Baby's Hair?

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with Ayanna Dookie

A weekly podcast with Ayanna Dookie about growing up bi- and multi-racial. From the offensive to the hilarious, guests share their stories about navigating racial and culture challenges that come with growing up mixed and maintaining more than one identify, in what can often be a black and white world.
This podcast not only share these super serious stories, but the not so trivial tales of growing up mixed, such as “Who Does the Baby’s Hair?”

Guests include:
– Josh Homer –
– Abby Crutchfield –
– Adam Mamawalla –
– Anita Flores –
– Ayanna’s Sister –

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Ayanna Dookie is a stand-up comedian, writer, and storyteller. The daughter of immigrants, Ayanna’s humor is reflective of growing up brown, woman, and first generation American. She has been featured on truTV’s Laff Tracks, 2 Dope Queens on WNYC, NPR’s Snap Judgement, Fox’s Laughs, and AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live. Ayanna’s writing can be seen on BET’s 50 Central.

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