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I'm Listening : A Frasier Podcast with Anita Flores

"The ever-incisive and always-funny Anita Flores explores one of the most bizarre, beloved popular sitcoms of its age: Frasier." -Time Out NY


"Nearly everyone has gotten scammed at least once, and that’s what fascinates ScamWow hosts Caitlin Brodnick and Sue Smith" - The A.V. Club

Welcome To My Vagina

“destroys the taboo of sex and puts a stop to misogyny.” -Women’s Health

Let's Get Civical

“A social studies class with a lot of jokes” -The A.V. Club

World Stealers

"The hosts have great chemistry and listening to this fully transports me back to my days of scouring Fanfiction.net at sleepovers for laughs" - Femplained Podcast

Awkward Sex And The City

“This hilarious podcast opens portals into the sex lives of others.” -Refinery29

Frau Pow with Odd and Rags

"Tackles difficult topics with ease and openness." - iTunes Review

There Will Be Porn

"Never heard anything like this. Women watch porn too, hell yeah!" - A dude with a penis

Shweet! A Ladies Guide to Bro Culture

"Break down the tired action tropes and ’80s fight choreography, and critique the questionable lessons about masculinity" - The A.V. Club

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