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Our Production

What we Do Best


 We built a studio that looks starkly different from most podcast spaces on purpose. Our production services are intentionally designed to nurture, inspire, and teach.


Our Production Team

Structured as a co-operative,
we focus on empowering and educating our podcasters to not only be creative leaders, but understand the tech behind their work. As a result, our production team is made up of experienced editors, engineers, and producers who understand every angle of creating successful podcasts.

ExperienceD Podcast Hosts

Hosted hundreds hours of podcasts over 3 years. Practiced interviewers, comedians, and hosts. 


Audio Engineering for VO

Worked with studio spaces in LA and NYC, then designed a studio space specifically for podcasting and the needs our our show producers. 


Mixing and Mastering

Our team has managed recording, mastering, editing and release of 3000+ hours of podcast episodes. 

Pr & Promotion Consulation

Built promotion and PR plans for 10+ shows. Developed social media, guest booking, and PR strategies that garnered over 200K downloads for our shows. 

Show Branding and Marketing

Worked with brands, influencers, and agencies to grow brand awareness through podcasting. 


Trusted by brands, media outlets and fellow podcasters

Stars Like Us Podcast

Dyking Out Podcast

Witch Wave Podcast

Playable Characters Podcast

Production Services

More Banana podcast production and consultation includes professional quality audio alongside experience of fast, independent growth in this ever changing media. 

Podcast Consultation

Show Concept
Production Resource Management
Shape a Pitch
Release and Marketing Strategy
Audience Growth, Talent Booking, and Promotion

Podcast Pilot Packages

From show concept to launch strategy, we provide full consulation and production resources to turn your podcast idea into a well defined pilot with release plan. 

More banana Academy

Classes, training, and workshops for audio editing, promotion, show running, and podcast monetization.



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