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In a galaxy far, far away, where a long history of fan fiction writing turned into movies, video games, novels, and animated series, Liz & Cait delve into the deep cannon of mothaf*#king STAR WARS!

This week, Cait starts first with a short story about one of our favorite ancillary characters, who has dropped off the map in our the new releases. Liz brainstorms over which character from the ever-hated prequels she will bring back and give a second chance.

Cait’s Fan Fiction this week is called…

Untitled Lando Fan Fic

Lando’s been on the outside looking to kill time. He’s got plenty to complain about 10 years after the epic destruction of the Death Star, including the loss of something very precious to him. And maybe now he’s found someone willing to lend an ear to his gripes. Or then again maybe not. 

Fan Fiction begins at 11:54

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