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First Girl To See A Penis Wins – Dani Faith Leonard

Natalie talks Awkward Sex with Dani Faith Leonard, founder of Big Vision Empty Wallet. Dani tells a story about the first time she ever saw a dick, and Natalie can’t help but ask questions. Plus, the downsides of trying to bang with a new spray tan.

Dani is a comedian, producer, and storyteller, who founded the inclusion-focused incubator, Big Vision Empty Wallet, “that amplifies unique voices in TV and Film.” In other works, she’s a total bad ass.

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Introducing Awkward Sex And The City… and Season 2 Announcement!

Frasier-philes fans and aficionados, don’t fear. Because I’m Listening : A Frasier Podcast with Anita Flores is going to have a SEASON TWO! It’s in the works with some really excited guests.

In the meantime, Anita appeared as a guest on a brand new More Banana podcast…

Awkward Sex And The City

Hosted by Natalie Wall, Awkward Sex And The City, is based on the popular touring storytelling show, and features guests discussing real stories about their sexual exploits, adventures, discoveries, and revelations. For every hilarious sexual tale, there are gross moments to match and love of everything awkward.

In the first episode of Awkward Sex And The City, Anita comes on a guest and shows a different side from the smooth talking Frasier fan-host.

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Star Wars : Part II, “The Handmade Soldier”

In a continuation of last week’s epic story time with Star Wars, Liz & Cait dip into the unpopular realm of prequel fan fiction from Star Wars and the Phantom Menace. Is there anything to be salvaged from the over-produced, digitally-exploded, politically boring feature film that brought us pod racing? You’ll see on this episode of WORLD STEALERS!

Liz ’s Fan Fiction this week is called…

The Handmade Soldier

Leading a separatist movement on the planet of Naboo is no easy feat. But Sabe was raised to fight for a monarch. Brave and filled with a passion for suffrage, Sabe charges forward to make Naboo better. Her past as the queen’s handmaiden doesn’t matter anymore, and nothing will bring her back to it, not even the pleas of an old friend.

Fan Fiction begins at 14:50

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Cait & Murda Argue That She IS A Real Whore – “Red Vibe Diaries” 1997

Maybe you’re curious about what women actually do with vibrators. This porn will definitely not answer any of those questions for you.

Cait & Murda spend another week as best friends sitting through a vintage porn. One by one they watch the AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time counting down to the best porn of them all.

This week the ladies watch #97, The Red Vibe Diaries, a classic marital tale of a lonely housewife, who just needs that D so baaadddd! Cait & Murda find themselves in brothel, in the minds of LA housewives, and for a brief moment on Sesame Street. Listen to this episode with your handy dandy vibrator and make sure to lick it, because that’s definitely what how it’s supposed to work.

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There Will Be Drinking Podcast (the origin of the Murda and Cait dynamic)

AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time

The Red Vibe Diaries

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“There Will Be Porn Theme Song” Dejen Tesfagiorgis :

Family Separation and Reproductive Justice

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah discuss the dangers of city nature – spiders and rats and possums, oh my! – and then get into some more serious territory. As we all know, this administration is monstrous and horrible and made a policy of separating families at the border. Jessy and Rebekah discuss this inhumane policy through the lens of reproductive justice – a framework created by black feminists back in the 1990’s that investigate women’s issues in a way that is much bigger, more nuanced and more inclusive than the reproductive rights framework that is typically relied upon. The ladies then wind it down by reading Jessy’s WTMV Facebook comments. It’s full of hellfire. You don’t want to miss it.

  • 0:06: Jessy and Rebekah share an inside joke!
  • 00:40: Question of the day: do spiders count as city nature?
  • 01:00: So at it turns out there are not brown recluse spiders in New York City. There are, however, yellow sac spiders which are also venomous and their bites can result in painful, ulcerating sores that are slow to heal. Also, they don’t make capture webs so they have to hunt in vegetation and sometimes in homes for prey. Gross.
  • 02:00: It was David Arquette and the movie was Eight Legged Freaks, although we prefer Eight Crazy Legs.
  • 04:10: Check out The Motherline Story Project by Eliza Simpson here. It’s awesome!
  • 06:55: There doesn’t appear to be any easily accessible information about whether women grabbing their own boobs is a sign of luck or something to do with sneezing or if maybe it’s something Rebekah dreamed one time.
  • 08:20: You can find a clear and concise definition of reproductive justice by reading the first article in this reproductive justice briefing book entitled “What is Reproductive Justice?’ by Loretta Ross of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective.
  • 09:15: Here is an article by Osub Ahmed and Christy M. Gamble of the Black Women’s Health Imperative that defines reproductive justice, explains the difference between reproductive justice and reproductive rights and explains why it is important.
  • 10:15: Reproductive justice is “the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, social, and economic well-being of women and girls, based on the full achievement and protection of women’s human rights.” -Loretta Ross
  • 10:50: Here is the article Jessy referenced about Alejandra Pablos and here is another one with more detail about her time spent in detention and the ways she tried to educate the women she was with about our criminal justice system and the something she refers to as “crimmigration,” defined as “the system in which immigrants are funneled into the immigration detention system from the criminal justice system.”
  • 12:00: Here is an article for Dissent Magazine by Dorothy Roberts that talks about the ways in which the reproductive rights movement is actually limited by its focus on abortion and choice. Incredibly interesting read. Highly recommended.
  • 13:19: You can see Jeff  Sessions horrible, disgusting, inhuman statements here.
  • 15:40: According to an article in The New York Times, the typical American adult only life 18 miles from their mother. Over the last few decades, Americans have become less mobile and most adults – but especially those with lower incomes or less education – do not venture far from their hometowns once they grow up.
  • 16:35: Here is an article from Slate about how the entire immigration system is designed to make it impossible for immigrants to navigate, one from Politico about how the Trump administration is having a hard time reuniting families as the reunification deadline approaches and one from Time about how the administration won’t say how many separated children are still being held in centers around the country.
  • 17:00: And this is from when Sessions announced that fleeing domestic violence or gang violence no longer qualifies you for asylum.
  • 17:45: Here is a link to a suit brought by the ACLU against the US government back in February for the government’s unlawful separation of the woman and her child – they are being held in two different immigration facilities two time zones apart – after they sought asylum through legal means 4 months previously.
  • 19:51: Here is information about the Alien Transfer Exit Program (ATEP). It is so fucked up.
  • 22:41:  Here is a link to the quotes from Mary Small, the policy director of Detention Watch Network. She is rad. And here is the quote that Jessy read which we think is important enough to be printed here: “With women, we pretend [enforcement policies] are to protect them from the dangers of migrating north. It is very gendered. We treat women migrants as if they’re nt making informed decisions on behalf of their families in light of the circumstances they’re facing in their home countries and the only way to help women understand this is a hard punishment when they arrive [in the United States]. For men, the public narrative is that they are dangerous and need to be deterred from entering the US. The common root of both is that immigrants make poor choices for themselves and their families and they are people not to be trusted. They are dangerous men and hapless women.”
  • 24:05: We haven’t read this yet but we read about it. Martha Nussbaum, who is a staff writer for The New Yorker, recently published a book called The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis. We can’t wait to grab it.
  • 24:26: Here is the Fox News clip with Corey Lewandowski. It is gross.


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Periods, Poops, And Being In A Relationship – Anita Flores

For the first podcast episode of Awkward Sex And The City, Natalie sits down with Anita Flores, stand-up and fellow More Banana podcaster, to discuss getting their first period, pooping in front of their partners, sex toy hygiene, and why being “gross” women is totally awesome.

Anita has her own show all about the 90’s show Frasier. It’s called I’m Listening : A Frasier Podcast with Anita Flores and season one is out now. 

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Star Wars : Part I “Untitled Lando Fan Fic”

In a galaxy far, far away, where a long history of fan fiction writing turned into movies, video games, novels, and animated series, Liz & Cait delve into the deep cannon of mothaf*#king STAR WARS!

This week, Cait starts first with a short story about one of our favorite ancillary characters, who has dropped off the map in our the new releases. Liz brainstorms over which character from the ever-hated prequels she will bring back and give a second chance. 

Cait’s Fan Fiction this week is called…

Untitled Lando Fan Fic

Lando’s been on the outside looking to kill time. He’s got plenty to complain about 10 years after the epic destruction of the Death Star, including the loss of something very precious to him. And maybe now he’s found someone willing to lend an ear to his gripes. Or then again maybe not. 

Fan Fiction begins at 11:54

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Cait & Murda Are Scared Of Plastic Sickness – “Texas Dildo Masquerade” 1998

Whoever said you can’t mix genres, has never seen a Horror-Comedy-Porn. 

Cait & Murda spend another week as best friends sitting through a vintage porn. One by one they watch the AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time counting down to the best porn of them all.

This week they watch Texas Dildo Masquerade, a X-rated spoof of the classic horror film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you’re looking for blood and guts, you won’t find them in this movie, although there’s still plenty of bodily fluids. Cait & Murda explore a sillier side of porn watching, and become really concerned about the effects of BPAs on their libido. 

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There Will Be Drinking Podcast (the origin of the Murda and Cait dynamic)

AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time

IMDB Texas Dildo Masquerade

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In this episode Jessy and Rebekah recount the whole Samantha Bee (rightfully) calling Ivanka Trump a feckless cunt fiasco and also discuss why that is in no way, shape or form the same thing as Roseanne Barr comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape. And then your favorite hosts delve into the world of the incels. It is scary, it is infuriating, it is misogynist garbage but the ladies try their best to lighten it up here and there. And then, because no one should end a podcast on an incel note, Jessy and Rebekah trade fun animal facts. Listen, learn, laugh, share and please, please, please review us!

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And now for the notes…

  • 00:33: Here is a link to Ivanka’s photo, and some background information from our friends at The Guardian, in case you missed it
  • 00:45: And here is the audio of Jeff Sessions doing what Jeff Sessions does best: being a complete and total monster. Honestly it’s hard to listen to so be warned.
  • 00:59: And here is Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a feckless cunt, as she should
  • 01:50: Here is a link to Rebecca Traister’s tweet thread and also an article she wrote for The Cut that expands upon her ideas. You all should follow her. She rocks.
  • 03:15: Here is a fantastic article by Roxane Gay about Roseanne Barr, why what she tweeted was steeped in historical and institutionalized racism and how even though ABC was right to cancel her show, she never should have gotten this reboot in the first place. Roseanne Barr has been a racist, misogynist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, TERF for a long time. This behavior was nothing new and just helps to normalize the policing of black bodies by white people that has been going on for decades.
  • 05:00: Here are a few articles about the hijacking of the word “incel” from one meant to encourage inclusion to the violent, misogynist garbage it has become.
  • 06:15: Here is an article that defines some incel terms and gives an historical overview of the increased visibility of incels in mainstream culture
  • 07:00: Honestly we felt stupid even using this ridiculous language with the “Chads” and the “Stacys” and the “Beckys.” Like, really, what is this shit?!
  • 08:04: Here is a really sickening account from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) about incels celebrating the Toronto mass killing and another one about different male terror groups that the SPLC follows. And one more for good measure about how the “incel rebellion” is not about sex but about a deep seeded hatred of women. Color us shocked.
  • 09:30: Here is Jessica Valenti’s article for the Times.
  • 13:00: Here is Ross Douthat’s (if you can tell us how to pronounce his name properly that would be GREAT) incredibly tone deaf take on incels
  • 18:44: Here is a blog post by Robin Hanson. It is garbage. He is garbage. Read at your own peril. But we advise keeping something close by that you can throw against the wall or down a hallway without causing yourself, your loved ones or your domicile any damage. We recommend pencils, pillows or a TV brick.
  • 20:00: O.M.G Nathan Larson. This shit is unFUCKINGbelievable. This dude admits to being sexually attracted to children and also to raping his ex-wife and he is running for elected office in the same damn district where the Unite the Right rally took place. We just…we have no words. The United States right now is a god damn dumpster fire.
  • 25:00: Okay so admittedly we got a little excited about men only being valued for their penises. But only for a second. Or 20. And only for comedic effect. Well, mostly.
  • 27:00: True facts. Australian possums are exceedingly cute and the ‘o’ in ‘opossum’ is in fact silent! WOW! Also the opossum is the North America’s only known marsupial! WOW AGAIN!
  • 27:30: Just to be clear, Rebekah did not think that the ‘h’ in ‘honest’ is pronounced.
  • And just because it didn’t really fit anywhere else, you all should FOR SURE read this article by Jia Tolentino for The New Yorker. And basically read everything else she writes because she is aaaaaaamazing. We want to be her when we grow up. Even though she is younger than us.

Little Mermaid : Part II, “Le Crab”

World Stealers : A Fan Fiction podcast is a show where  hosts, Liz and Cait, start by choosing a franchise to write original fan fictions, and then read them aloud, while revealing the writing process.

For Part II of the Little Mermaid series, Cait reads her original fan fiction…

Le Crab

A true enemy has emerged. Royal chef and ever vigilant, Louis, must battle with a literal demon, as well as his own. 

Fan Fiction begins at 8:06

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Cait & Murda Hate This Porn So Much – “Raw Talent” 1984

Trigger Warning : The film discussed in this episode depicts a fictional sexual assault.

Not every porn is a winner. In fact, most of them are terrible based on poor filmography, acting, writing, and overall production. In the case of Raw Talent, it’s the opposite.

Cait & Murda spend another week as best friends sitting through a vintage porn. One by one they watch the AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time counting down to the best porn of them all.

This week the ladies watch Raw Talent (1984), a movie about a young actor, who gets wrapped up in the adult film industry, and then uses violence and self-victimizing to process his failed acting career. If you like sex, karate, and Cait & Murda yelling at men, this is the episode for you!!

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There Will Be Drinking Podcast (the origin of the Murda and Cait dynamic)

AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time

IMBD Raw Talent

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An Evening With Frasier Crane

Frasier Crane (Dan Chamberlain) stops by the studio to talk about what he’s been up to since he left Seattle, his Youtube channel, a newly discovered fondness for Pizza Hut, and so much more.

Cait & Murda Watch Their First Porn -“All That Sex” 1990

Men and women alike watch porn, whether they admit it or not.

Cait & Murda watch vintage porn together to attempt to find any evidence of filmmaking, acting ability, writing quality, and anything actually sexy. One by one the ladies are watching the AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time to see what vintage porn has to offer.

In this episode, Cait & Murda watch All That Sex, a film made in 1990, starring some of the adult industry’s most prolific performers, including Ashlyn Gere and Randy Spears. The movie revolves around a sex crazed director, who essentially abuses his position to get his rocks off. It’s a surreal sci-fi porno that surprises Cait & Murda at many different positions.

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There Will Be Drinking Podcast (the origin of the Murda and Cait dynamic)

AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time

IMDB All That Sex Credits

All That Sex Movie Link

Music Credit

“There Will Be Porn Theme Song” Dejen Tesfagiorgis :

Little Mermaid : Part I, “Untitled Eel Fan Fic”

In this first episode of World Stealers : A fan fiction podcast, Liz and Cait start by choosing a franchise to write original fan fictions. Once the world of The Little Mermaid is chosen, the hosts take ideas and world knowledge home to pull together a brand new story. In Part I, Liz reads her story first, which is…

Untitled Eel Fan Fic

Misunderstood and perhaps misinformed, one eel finds love in a place he never expected. Will the torrents beneath the sea allow for such love to blossom, or rip it apart?

Fan Fiction begins at 8:06


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Sweet Child – The Little Mermaid on Broadway

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Undercover Vampire Policeman, Chris Zabriskie –

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Menstrual Mania

Jessy and Rebekah dip into the taboos of menstruation.

  • 0:30: Jessy and Rebekah start off the episode by saying FUCK YES IRELAND! For those of you who don’t know, Ireland just voted to repeal the dreaded Eighth Amendment which banned abortion outright unless the woman’s life was at risk. That meant basically no abortions period: not in the case of rape, incest or fatal fetal abnormalities. This is a HUGE step in the right direction for women’s rights and women’s health. There is still a long way to go – the ban still stops procedures performed after 12 weeks but this is a fantastic step and we here at WTMV are super excited. (Of note: Northern Ireland still has the most strict laws governing abortion in all of Europe.)
  • 01:15: Jessy gives an update on Oscar the Goat! You can hear all about him in Episode 2 – A Girl’s Worth!
  • 02:44: Bats do not live in a “bapiary.” They live in roosts. Is there a word like apiary or aviary for bats? We don’t know but we would love for all you cat experts out there to tell us!
  • 05:30: Jessy defines and explains menstruation! Rebekah practices being a vampire.
  • 06:30: Try out these period tracking apps! They are life changers. For realz. Clue and Flo.
  • 09:20: Jessy and Rebekah start talking about all the bullshit, misogynist taboos surrounding menstruation. As if it isn’t bad enough to be bleeding for days at a time all you assholes out there have to make us feel bad about it.
  • 11:00: No, sharks are NOT attracted to menstrual blood. Shark expert H. David Baldridge conducted a study on captive sharks. He introduced several bodily fluids – including menstrual blood – to captive sharks to see if it would elicit a feeding frenzy. The only fluid that did have this reaction was peritoneal fluid, the liquid found in our abdominal cavity. Men and women both have peritoneal fluid so therefore we are all equally likely to be killed and eaten by sharks. BOOM! That’s a takedown of misogyny right there.
  • 11:45: Ladies! You really can use menstrual blood to fertilize plants! Our menstrual blood contains three primary plant macronutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium! Just dilute that shit with some water and you’re good to go.
  • 14:45: Apparently if you google “Does JFK Airport sell tampons in the bathroom?” my blogpost about the topic is the first thing to pop up. So, here it is for your reading pleasure: Happy Bloody Valentine’s Day, Folks.
  • 15:00: Menstrual products are REALLY expensive and in some states are taxed as luxury items. As if bleeding for days on end is a luxury. Rebekah and Jessy delved into this issue in Episode 3 – Tampon Tax
  • 16:00: Menstruation, and the lack of knowledge and shame surrounding it, can profoundly impact women’s education. Read about it here, here and here.
  • 22:20: We are sorry to everyone from the Mbuti Tribe who we might have offended. The Mbuti tribe is pretty awesome for so many reasons but for the purposes of this podcast it’s really cool that men and women participate evenly in the hunt!
  • 26:25: PMDD stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and is basically PMS on steroids.
  • 29:10: Here is a little information on how your  period can change over time.
  • 30:30: A WTMV Challenge! Try and be open about your period! Talk to people about it. The more we talk about it the better it will get for all of us.
  • 31:50: Rebekah and Jessy play a “Did You Know” lightening round!
  • 32:23: As promised, here is Meghan Markle’s piece for Time Magazine, How Periods Affect Potential.
  • 33:00: Here is Jessy’s video where she talks about menstruation AND Walt Disney.

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Frasier vs. Cheers

Writer Kevin Seccia @Kevinseccia and Anita @anitajewtina try to convince each other to watch one another’s favorite TV shows. Kevin’s is Cheers and Anita’s is Frasier. It’s less complicated than it sounds, promise.

Introducing “World Stealers : A Fan Fiction podcast!”

Introducing More Banana’s newest show “World Stealers”!

Your fave fandoms, ruined by us. Or made better. Depends on the week, really. Hosted by Cait Moldenhauer and Liz Clarkin-Breslin, fan fictions are written and read from random choices and resourced by Fan-Wiki’s expansive database.

@worldstealers on Instagram and Twitter

Music : Komiku, “Poupis Theme”

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Bill Cosby AKA Pill Cosby

Trigger warning: this episode involves in depth discussion of sexual assault and rape.

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah start off by discussing the fact that the Golder State Killer got caught (big ups to Michelle McNamara) and then, as if you thought that wasn’t dark enough, things get more serious. Your favorite almost-famous podcast hosts then discuss the details of the Bill Cosby is a rapist situation that has been unfolding. And it’s about damn time people talk about this since the first allegations involve something that happened in 1965. That was 53 years ago, Vaginalings. And finally, the ladies try to lighten things up by pulling out some results of a 2014 Bill Cosby meme generator gone wrong. The results are mixed.

  • 01:03: Jessy and Rebekah celebrate the arrival of the warm weather! But we all know what arrives with warm weather…creeps, and lots of ‘em.
  • 01:48: The Golden State Killer AKA the East Area Rapist AKA the Original Night Stalker AKA the Visalia Ransacker was finally caught! His name is Joseph DeAngelo and it’s about time that mother fucker got got. You can learn all about him by reading Michelle McNamara’s book I’ll Be Gone in the Dark or listening to episode #1 of My Favorite Murder where Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark talk about the East Area Rapist or episode #118 where the duo reflects on the arrest of a suspect in the decade-long rape/murder/ransack spree.
  • 03:03: Not only does he have two (or maybe three) children but they are daughters. DAUGHTERS!
  • 03:18: He actually called and taunted victims as recently as 2001, not 2000 as Rebekah stated.
  • 03:53: Rebekah was referring to Gary Leon Ridgway, AKA The Green River Killer, who is proven to have murdered 49 people but is suspected of killing at least 90, most of whom were sex workers.
  • 05:18: Jessy and Rebekah begin the real reason for this episode: a discussion of Bill Cosby (insert vomit emoji here).
  • 08:58: *** In September, 2005 Bill Cosby admitted in a deposition that he gave young women Quaaludes in an effort to have sex with them***
  • 09:28: Here is a link to part of Hannibal Buress’ October 16, 2014 bit when Buress really went after Cosby. This had been a part of his bit for a while but this particular performance is credited with bringing Cosby’s actions into the light.
  • 14:18 This article by Noreen Malone in The Cut gives detailed accounts from 35 of Bill Cosby’s accusors.
  • 16:47: According to RAINN, 7 out of 10 rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. Some organizations report that rate as being as high as 9 out of 10 victims although that usually applies to college campuses.
  • 17:18: This doesn’t just happen around the rich and famous. Jessy and Rebekah discuss some reasons why victims of sexual assault don’t come forward and tell their own stories of being victims of sexual assault.
  • 19:13: Here is some info about Brock Turner. This is actually a link to a letter read to the court by the victim. It is really hard to get through but incredibly important.
  • 20:53: Camille Cosby whyyy?!?!
  • 23:06: Here is a link to Barbara Bowman’s article for the Washington Post.
  • 25:04 Here is a link to our episode on the USAG scandal. Give ‘er a listen!
  • 26:17: Back in 2014 the Cosby Camp ill-advisedly created a meme generator to try and drum up some Cosby love. It backfired.

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The Queerness of Frasier

Writer and bonafide smarty pants Anthony Oliveira joins Anita to talk about the queerness of Frasier and its treatment of homosexuality on the show. He also teaches Anita literary terms that she will now use to try and impress other people.

The Best Dinner Party Episodes [with Patrick Monahan]

Comedian Patrick Monahan and Anita discuss their favorite dinner party episodes and try to figure out why Frasier and Niles talk like they’re vaguely British.


In this episode Jessy and Rebekah review a menstrual cup that allows you to have sex with the partner of your choosing while you’re on your period without ruining anyone’s sheets! And then WTMV welcomes their first guest, Lucy Frank! Lucy is about to graduate from Duke School of Nursing and visited WTMV to talk about appropriate use of pronouns in a medical scenario and, really, in life. And then Jessy, Rebekah and Lucy played a celebrity themed drinking game with T-Rex arms? You’ll have to listen for details.

0:39: Jessy and Rebekah (but mostly Jessy) offer a completely unpaid review of SoftCup. It’s great. We (mostly) love SoftCup. But, Dear SoftCup, please sponsor our podcast. Okay thank you.

5:00: We spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out why the Diva Cup dries you out. The SoftCup box says that SoftCup is one of the only products that doesn’t dry you out but, despite the fact that Rebekah has experienced the drying-out effects of the diva cup, she cannot seem to find corroborating evidence. More research will be done and we will share our findings. But this is one area in which the Internet has failed us.

7:40: Rebekah’s sister Lucy comes to WTMV to talk about the appropriate use of pronouns in the world but, more specifically, in a medical context (FYI: she’s a nurse). Welcome to Welcome to My Vagina, Lucy!

15:30: Watch Jessy’s amazing video called “Intersex Basics.” It’s all about the fact that gender exists on a spectrum and how people oversimply everything to make it easier to fit those they interact with into neat little boxes. But we all know that life is never easily categorized. People are complicated and that is what makes us amazing. So watch her video.  Also, read Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Eugenides wrote this book because he was dissatisfied with the way literature and history dealt with intersex anatomy and emotions. Read it and then let’s talk about it.

17:00: Education is key! The more we talk about things, the more people learn and become more comfortable. So let’s keep talking. All the time. About everything. But let’s agree to not expect marginalized populations to do all the work. It’s up to all of us to research and make the effort. That includes nurses, podcasters, bartenders, bankers, politicians, teachers and everyone else.

17:30: Say it with us: being transgender is not a problem.

19:20: “Vanessa Goes to the Doctor.” This video is EVERYTHING.

23:30: Here is a link to Duson Spectrum, the Gay-Straight Alliance at Duke School of Nursing.

24:30: Here is a little information about “Let’s Talk About Sex!” It’s an interactive workshop for healthcare providers and students to get used to, you guessed it, talking about sex! All in an effort to make it more comfortable for the provider as well as the patient.

27:00: Ethan Cicero is awesome. He wrote an incredible, and deeply troubling, article about the barriers to care for transgender people that everyone should read. Seriously. Read it. His efforts have shed much needed light on this issue and are hopefully leading to higher educational standards across the medical community.

29:50: Lucy gives us some really wild statistic about victims of sex trafficking. It’s horrible. We all have to do better but health care providers are oftentimes the only people outside sex trafficking rings that come in contact with victims.

34:40: Hold on to your hats, folks, because Jessy, Rebekah and Lucy play a drinking game! And get drunk. And then go out after the podcast is over and continue having drinks. There was laughter, there were tears, Lucy ate scallop tacos. (This part of the day was thankfully not recorded.)

Swear count: Rebekah Esther “Swears like a Sailor” Frank swore 8 times. She was handily out-swore by Jessy “Potty Mouth” Caron who swore 9 whole times!

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[Re-Release] Twin Cheeks : A Twin Peaks Porn (1991)

We’ve brought back a classic episode of There Will Be Drinking Recaps Twin Peaks Cait and Murda watch and recap a full porn called Twin Cheeks, based on the 90’s occult tv series Twin Peaks. This episode came out a year ago and was one of our favorite episodes to record and put out in the sweet world.

Get ready for the new season of There Will Be Porn on May 31st with brand new episodes! We’re watching AVN’s Top 100 Adult Films starting with #100 “All That Sex” made in 1990.

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Why POC Love Frasier

Comedian and writer Rekha Shankar joins Anita to talk about what Frasier means to her as a person of color. They also discuss key parts of Rekha’s 1,200 word essay titled, “Why Do POC Love Frasier?” It is a work of ART.

Cyber Harassment

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah get attacked by turkeys on Staten Island, talk about cyber harassment they have experienced and the well-known cases that make them mad/nervous, and then close the episode out by wondering what animal is the rudest. You don’t want to miss it. We promise.

0:30 Jessy an Rebekah get attacked by turkeys!

3:45 We got a really awesome review from a friend! And you guys have all been so great about telling us that you love our podcast! But maybe tell iTunes? Or Stitcher? Please review us or send us an email us at and let us know what you think.

5:35 Rebekah makes the best dad joke ever. Do you have a better dad joke? Email it to us. We want to hear from you! PLEASE EMAIL US! OR TWEET US @welcometomyvag!

6:15 Jessy and Rebekah get into the meat of this episode: the cyber harassment that women experience on the internet, starting with a story Rebekah tells of a particular internet troll who used to get drunk and make up email addresses to bother her from. Addresses he would promptly delete after sending rude emails.

8:46 You can, and should, read Rebekah’s blog post entitled “Apparently I’m a Failure” here. But you should also read some of her other stuff.

9:35 Jessy reads a comment that she got on her YouTube page (which you should check out and subscribe to because it’s great and funny and educational). Check out this video specifically: The Dirty F Word.

11:55 Just a reminder about the “sorry jar!” We spoke about it in Episode 6: Sorry Not Sorry.

13:35 If you are going to criticize us, cite your sources. We love well researched rebuttals. But don’t come at us with some bullshit.

15:00 The Duke Lacrosse case. Every time someone questions a woman’s veracity, they almost always reference this case. Here are some articles. And, in fact, the story is far more complicated than the way Rebekah characterized it. The men were exonerated but the accuser still stands by her allegations, as she serves time in jail for murdering her abusive boyfriend. Which is a conversation for another day.

21:10 Here is some information about GamerGate which was the most ridiculous online sexist mob to ever exist. Until the next one.

24:02 Anita Sarkeesian was supposed to give a speech at Utah State University, not the University of Utah. Sorry Utes.

24:20 You should check out everything Feminist Frequency has to offer.

27:15 Rebekah unleashes her somewhat controversial feelings about the First Amendment. Let us know your thoughts. Email us!

28:25 Check out our podcast about Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse if you missed it.

30:30 Jessy and Rebekah ask each other funny questions! Some of them involving birds! Now that is what we call coming full circle. But seriously, seriously. How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant? Email us your thoughts at

Rebekah’s Swear Tally: Rebekah Esther “Sweats Like a Sailor” Frank swore a whopping 23 times. Woah.

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The Psychology of Frasier

Comedian Sarah Garner joins Anita to talk about what it’s like growing up with two psychologist parents and weighs in on who’s the better therapist: Frasier or Niles.

Follow Anita at @anitajewtina on insta and Twitter. Follow Sarah Garner at @SarahJGarner

Teaser : What’s To Come In Season 1 ;)

Cait and Murda, hosts of There Will Be Drinking podcast, are launching a brand new show all about the ins and outs of classic porn. By watching the Top 100 Adult Films these two women are hoping that there will be fun, there will be learning, and there will be moments of real movie making. Episodes for Season 1 are releases every Hump Day. Follow everything at @twbpodcast on Instagram and Twitter. Original music by Dejen Tesfagiorgis:

Sorry Not Sorry : Women Apologizing

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah play a few rousing rounds of “Would You Rather,” introduce the Welcome To My Vagina Sorry Jar (all accumulated apology money will be donated to a women focused charity!) and talk about why women apologize so much. Sorry. We’re just so very sorry.

0:30 Let the “Would You Rathers” begin! Please reach out to us via email, direct message, phone call or text and let us know what you would rather do, tan plaid or sweat cheese?? WE HAVE TO KNOW! (Sorry for yelling.)

0:45 Jessy accidentally said vagina instead of vulva! Why does this matter? Listen to our first episode, “Vulva Shame,” to find out! Sorry, we don’t mean to be pushy.

4:42 Sorry you kicked me.

11:00 Introducing (drum roll please) the Welcome To My Vagina Sorry Jar! Where should we donate it?? Email us and give us your suggestions!

15:10 Our super awesome producer Cait paid us a visit and, as if she knew exactly what to say to advance the message of our episode, she apologized! Multiple times! Best producer ever.

16:46 Because we brain farted big time while recording, Cecile Richards is the (now retiring) president of Planned Parenthood. Sorry, Cecile. We love you. And we loved your mom.

22:30 For the first (but certainly not last) time on this podcast, Rebekah owns up to her absolute love of Brian Lehrer. He is a national treasure and for that she is not sorry.

24:00 “Would You Rather” Part 2!

Rebekah’s Swear Tally: Rebekah Esther “Swears Like a Sailor” Frank swore 6 times in this episode.

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Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah weigh in on the national conversation about gun violence and wonder why domestic violence isn’t discussed as one of the contributing factors. Your favorite hosts also eat some chips and challenge each other’s knowledge of everything fun, and humorously tragic, with their very first “Did You Know?!?!” Lightening Round. Sit back and enjoy.

Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence:

If you or anyone you know is in a dangerous situation – emotionally, physically or otherwise – with an intimate partner, stalker, family member or loved one – please reach out to one of the following resources:The National Domestic Violence Hotline

This is a 24-hour toll free hotline created through the Violence Against Women Act. You can call the hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

You can also chat with people online by visiting The National Domestic Violence Hotline website at

The Hotline also has links to domestic violence relief organizations in all 50 states, Washington DC, Guam, Puerto Rico and St. Croix. To find those resources visit

We are recording in Brooklyn, New York. According to the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in both 2016 and 2017 New York state has the highest deand in the country for domestic violence services. Every single county in New York has at least one agency specifically designed to offer services to victims of domestic violence and their children. The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

This is a 24-hour New York domestic violence hotline. You can call the hotline at 1-800-942-6906

You can visit to find more localized support

For those here in New York City, you can call 1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

In this episode….

0:22:  Jessy and Rebekah eat chips. Chips for gender equality….wait a second…

2:42:  A brief explanation of the information we are presenting and what is missing in the statistics we referenced in the making of this episode

4:00: Rebekah said that the walk-out on April 20th is to mark the 10th anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School. She misspoke. It will be the 20th anniversary. Columbine happened on April 20, 1998.

10:22: Jessy farted. Kidding, she didn’t It was the chair’s squeaky leather.

10:40: Experts who study domestic violence call it “intimate terrorism,” which is basically the most heartbreakingly accurate name for anything ever.

10:55: Jessy gives an explanation as to why victims of domestic violence don’t “just leave.”

11:50: Janay Rice (nee Palmer) was knocked unconscious in an elevator by her husband, former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice, in Atlantic City in February, 2014. She immediately became, according to the New York Times, “the most famous bartered wife in the country.” The events ignited a nationwide conversation about domestic violence, what should be done and how a battered woman “should” behave or “should” proceed in the aftermath. You can read Janay Rice’s story as recounted to Jemele Hill here.

15:25: Rebekah draws a parallel between sexual assault and gun violence


Rebekah’s Swear Tally: In this episode Rebekah “Curses Like A Sailor” Frank swore 6 times.

Further Reading:

Mother Jones’ Guide to Mass Shootings

The Violence Policy Center puts out an annual piece called “When Men Murder Women” that analyzes homicide data. This annual study looks state by state and details all the circumstances of reported homicides of women by men in single-victim/single-offender incidents.

This article in the New York Times called “Control and Fear: What Mass Killings and Domestic Violence Have in Common” is an important read.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg started an organization called Everytown for Gun Safety. They are an incredibly active group working towards increased gun control measures. Visit to learn more about what they do and to access all their studies.

Thank you for listening and we will C U Next Tuesday!

Frasier Fan Fiction [with Josh Gondelman]

Comedian and Last Week Tonight writer Josh Gondelman joins Anita to rate the best Frasier fan fiction on the internet. Anita also pitches Josh her Frasier spin-off ideas. Please note that this episode was recorded before the passing of the great John Mahoney. All original music by Dejen Tesfagiorgis:

The Best Cabin Episodes [with Sarah Williams]

Longtime friend and fellow “Crane-iac” Sarah Williams joins Anita to talk about the best episodes that take place in cabins, and wow there are A LOT. Sarah and Anita also play the “Name the celebrity caller” game. All original music by Dejen Tesfagiorgis:

Etymology of Pussy

This episode is brought to you by Teri, AKA Jessy’s mom, who was curious about where the word pussy came from. Well, Teri, we’re gonna tell ya.

0:38 Jessy explains how she victim shamed a giraffe

2:48 You might have noticed that we changed our release day – find out why!

5:00 What are the origins of the word pussy, you ask?

7:22 Pusillanimous, what?! For more on the pussy/pusillanimous connection, check out this 8-pronged take down by the Tumblr user nerdloveandlolz:

11:40 Read the full Huffington Post interview with Merriam-Webster’s Kory Stamper:

18:30 We figured out what ‘Grose’ refers to! In 1785 a man by the name of Francis Grose put out the first edition of the “Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.” Grose was the first person to collect slang words from all over the world while not limiting himself to the words used by criminals. Grose and his assistant Tom Cocking (hahaha) would walk around London at night and collect slang words that they would later compile into a book. Throughout the 19th century the Vulgar Tongue was recognized as the English slang dictionary and it strongly impacted all future dictionaries of its kind. So, Grose and Cocking, partners in slang.

26:00 Need to know more words for pussy? We got you covered. It’s a pussy war up in here!

Want to ask a question?? Email us at and ask away! We’ll do some research and talk about your question in one of our future episodes. Also find us on Instagram at welcometomyvagina and Twitter @welcometomyvag. Subscribe to Jessy’s videos on her Welcome To My Vagina YouTube channel and check out the website, Read Rebekah’s blog at

Frasier and Niles [with Matt Rain]

Improviser and comedian Matt Rain joins Anita to discuss the always competitive relationship between Frasier and his brother Niles. Plus, Matt and Anita discuss which of the brothers they’d rather date. All original music by Dejen Tesfagiorgis:


Things are about to get messy. Jessy and Rebekah dig into Tampon Tax and how it affects the wallets of women, who don’t have a choice. First, Jessy tells a short story about a man who’s not too pleased with the word “vagina” (shocker). Don’t worry there’s a happy ending.

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Frasier and the Women [with May Wilkerson]

Comedian May Wilkerson joins Anita Flores for the very first episode of ‘I’m Listening.’ May and Anita discuss their shared love of Frasier and dissect the many relationships he’s had with women over the course of the show. Plus, Anita introduces a new segment called “Tragic Frasier Facts” where she shares horrifying facts about Kelsey Grammer’s life to the dismay of May. All original music by Dejen Tesfagiorgis:

A Girl’s Worth

This week’s episode is a little heavy, but worry not, we break it up for ya.

Jessy tells a story about anxiety dreams.

Rebekah pulls out an impassioned, in-depth look at the scandal rocking USA Gymnastics, the US Olympic Committee and Michigan State University. The take away this week: which cases demand the media’s attention from the jump and which get pushed aside until the 11th hour.

And the relief: a discussion of kittens and super villains to help us cope.

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And also check us out on youtube


Here for the inaugural episode of Welcome To My Vagina, hosts Jessy and Rebekah introduce themselves, their mission, and then delve into the topic of VULVA SHAME!

Look out for the Welcome To My Vagina’s web series mini that will cover what a vulva actually is. Follow the YouTube channel for more fun and informative sex ed videos from Jessy.

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Tragic Frasier Facts Short – First Episode out Feb 5th 2018!

Comedians disappear into the gentle-voiced vortex of hit TV show Frasier. No, this isn’t Kevin Smith’s Frasier podcast. Comedian and number one Frasier fan Anita Flores explores different themes and pivotal moments from the show with a new guest each episode.

Trailer – First Episode out January 15th!

Introducing Welcome To My Vagina, hosted by Jessy Caron and Rebekah Frank. Destroying the taboo of sex and shutting down misogyny via the black hole of the vagina. A laugh til you queef adventure in sex education made up on the spot, but probably (definitely) researched.

Check out for videos, posts, and more! Follow the show and ladies at @welcometomyvag on Instagram.