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In a continuation of last week’s epic story time with Star Wars, Liz & Cait dip into the unpopular realm of prequel fan fiction from Star Wars and the Phantom Menace. Is there anything to be salvaged from the over-produced, digitally-exploded, politically boring feature film that brought us pod racing? You’ll see on this episode of WORLD STEALERS!

Liz ’s Fan Fiction this week is called…

The Handmade Soldier

Leading a separatist movement on the planet of Naboo is no easy feat. But Sabe was raised to fight for a monarch. Brave and filled with a passion for suffrage, Sabe charges forward to make Naboo better. Her past as the queen’s handmaiden doesn’t matter anymore, and nothing will bring her back to it, not even the pleas of an old friend.

Fan Fiction begins at 14:50

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