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In part I of the long awaited, four-part Harry Potter extravaganza, Liz and Cait give you the first half of the greatest love story of all time. Journey with us to Hogwarts, years after the Second Wizarding War, where a different kind of fight is being waged. A fight for… romance. It’s an AUTHOR IN STORY episode of World Stealers: A Fan Fiction podcast!

Cait’s Fan Fiction this week is called…

The Herbology Professor

It’s Christmas time at Hogwarts but Celestina MaCallagan, Potions Master, is far from cheery. For one thing she seems to be allergic to her own dungeons; and for another, she’s in love with a married man. Will Celestina overcome her heartache? Will she find a home at Hogwarts? And, most importantly, will she ever stop sneezing???

 Fan Fiction begins at 23:12

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