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Caitlin Brodnick and Sue Smith are obsessed with scams. Caitlin confesses she was a child con artist and Sue gets scammed by leggings! They could be getting scammed during this podcast! Who knows!?

Sue reports on the thousands of stay-at-home moms trapped into a leggings-peddling pyramid scheme. This multi level marketing scam is leaving women broke with a garages full of paper-thin leggins, unfortunate tunics, with a side of fat shaming. Caitlin shares an old-timey pick-pocketing lesson from Fredricka “Marm” Mandelbaum. Marm is considered one of America’s first feminist by helping to bing women and children out of squalor. She invented the fence scam, created the first school for thieves, and is Caitlin’s new hero.

More on the LulaRoe scam
LulaRoe Fails!
Mama Marm Mendelbaum, the Queen of Fences

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