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Cait & Murda spend another week as best friends sitting through a vintage porn in this episode of There Will Be Porn podcast. One by one they watch the AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time counting down to the best porn of them all.

Cait & Murda are watching #84 Firestorm, from 1984 For a movie that is barely a porn and really only have one male protagonist, Murda and Cait still find ways to squeeze in a throuple discussion, fitting a thong to your butt shape, and what is an acceptable penis size for porns. 

This episode is a long one. There is just so much story to the movie, Firestorm. Ken Cushing is a down and out writer, who gets gigs as a side piece for wealthy women. His girlfriend/ex-girlfriend/hostage Liza follow him around no matter how many women he sleeps with or blind virgins he falls for. Is there Fire? Nope. Do we talk about Fyre Fest? Yes we do. 

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There Will Be Drinking Podcast (the origin of the Murda and Cait dynamic)

AVN’s The 101 Greatest Adult Tapes Of All Time

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