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Sue and Caitlin are joined in the studio by comedian and Lady Parts Justice League activist, Abby Holland. You may also recognize Abby from a popular gif that was once retweeted by none other than Lin Manuel Miranda himself! She was also a producer on VH1’s Best Week Ever. Just warning you right now, though: as Lady Parts Justice League is a non-profit dedicated to fighting for abortion and women’s health rights, Sue, Caity, and Abby talk about politics. DON’T SAY THEY DIDN’T WARN YOU! Then, Abby reveals a traumatizing scam that happened to her over the phone. It’s so fresh and raw that she hasn’t even told to her own mother about yet. (Sorry, Abby’s mom!) After receiving a mysterious phone call possibly concerning her parents’ safety, Abby embarks on an epic journey that involves the IRS, a Mexican drug cartel, graphic designers, and one extremely helpful Apple store guy. Pro-tip: there are undercover cops at the Apple store!

Abby Holland’s Famous GIF
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