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Wow. We all occasionally suspect that energy healers and new age stuff is kind of BS, but investigative journalist for the Daily Dot, Nayomi Reghay, proved that our suspicions are sometimes correct, unfortunately. Nayomi went down a rabbit hole (or a 5D portal, if you prefer) to uncover the truth behind the proprietor of Crystal Cactus, Audrey Kitching. Kitching runs an online store selling spiritual goods like candles, butterfly pins, and crystal dildos that are possibly cheap products repurposed from AliExpress. She also used to be big on Myspace and dated Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco, which may or may not be how she started scamming people? Caitlin and Sue don’t know! But they do have insider text messages sharing a scammy experience where Kitching burped at our source to align their chakras and heal their energy. Also, this turns into a conversation about spirituality and feminism. Because sometimes there’s truth in this unclear territory. They laugh and cry and as a whole so you’re gonna want to tune in!

Nayomi’s article for The Daily Dot

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