Radical Positivity and Getting Jacked AF with Cara Brennan

Frau Pow was started by two women on the same roller derby team. This week Odd and Rags bring on Strong Woman, actress, and personal trainer Cara Brennan to discuss her transformation and her pathway to body building and radical positivity.  Check out Cara’s work at barbend.com thecarabrennan.com Instagram: @captainstarbuck Ashertheseries.com  Follow Frau Pow at @fraupowpodcast  Don’t…(Continue Reading)

“I Was A Hit As The 33-Year Old Stroke Patient In The ICU” with Malice

Odd & Rags talk with teammate and firecracker,  Malice In Wonderland, about having a stroke and the experience of a life threatening event so young. Malice shows a resiliency of getting through scary moments with a sense of humor and gratefulness for those around her.  Follow Frau Pow at @fraupowpodcast  Don’t forget to Rate & Subscribe! It…(Continue Reading)

Making a Change and Knowing Your Sh*t with Crunch [Kirsten Bunch]

Odd and Rags Interview international best selling author and Roller Derby goddess, Crunch (Kirsten Bunch) about making a change in your own community and rethinking your life when it’s time to make that change. https://www.kirstenbunch.com Follow Frau Pow at @fraupowpodcast Don’t forget to Rate & Subscribe! It helps so much in getting these conversations in the ear…(Continue Reading)

Rosa Ruckus : “I Want Her To Be OK And Functioning And Happy And Coping With Whatever Life Throws Her Way”

In this episode of Frau Pow podcast, Odd & Rags interview Derby teammate and friend, Rosa Ruckus about her life and approach to mental health and her journey. Mental health and substance abuse resources: -National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): 1-800-950-6264-Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): (800) 662-4357 Follow the podcast @fraupowpodcast iTunes RadioPublic Stitcher iHeartRadio Google Podcasts…(Continue Reading)

Mistress Grimm : “When People Talk About Dungeon Masters, I’m Thinking of Something Completely Different.”

On this episode of Frau Pow podcast with Odd and Rags, Mistress Grimm, Roller Derby NSO, EMT and volunteer for kink events about sexual assault and creating safe spaces for consent in kink culture. -Consent tea video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQbei5JGiT8-National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline: https://www.rainn.org/about-national-sexual-assault-telephone-hotline //800.656.4673-Roller Derby and #MeToo: https://jezebel.com/first-came-roller-derbys-own-metoo-moment-then-came-t-1826447452 iTunes RadioPublic Stitcher iHeartRadio Google Podcasts Related Shows