Shweet! A Ladies Guide To Bro Culture

Every Kind of Bro

Jeena inducts NYC comedian Brittanie Sheree into the 1999 bro classic film “Fight Club” whereupon they constantly break the first and second rule of Fight Club by talking about Fight Club.  Fellow NYC comic Shawn Wickens joins as the Designated Apologist and everybody agrees that there needed to be more Helena Bonham Carter.

A Beautiful Bird

The journey begins as Jeena welcome her younger sibling Carson Hyde and longtime friend Alan Fessenden as her first guests on the show.  The trio discusses the 1989 Patrick Swayze action extravaganza “Road House,” fulfilling Jeena’s promise to make Carson watch the bustin’ heads and breakin’ hearts antics of Mr. Swayze and learn everything he needs to know about being a man.  

Introducing Shweet! A Ladies Guide To Bro Culture w/ Jeena Bloom

Jeena Bloom is a transgender female comedian that grew up in the world of male pop culture. Now living her best life, she’s bringing the loudest, bro-iest pieces of pop culture from her old life to her favorite female comics.

Each week, Shweet! A Ladies Guide To Bro Culture will feature a female comedian that will watch or experience, for the first time, a movie, tv show or experience geared toward men. Another comic that is already a fan will join the broadcast and both will discuss with Jeena their experiences, and what it tells them about the world of men and bro culture.

Join Jeena and her guests each week where everything from professional wrestling to Nicholas Cage action movies to Crossfit is open for debate.