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In this episode Jessy and Rebekah have the absolute pleasure of talking to Zoe Bean. She is a tattooer, she is a business owner and she is an all-around fucking badass. She tells us stories about being a woman tattooing back when women were less common in the industry, how the tattoo industry is going through its own me too movement, a little about medical tattooing, her biggest pet peeves and so much more. Seriously, don’t miss this one. And if you are interested in checking out her studio, you can find it on Instagram @thenewmoonstudio or you can find Zoe her at @zoebeantattoo. Don’t forget to look for her awesome partner Drew Linden, @drewlinden.

  • 01:00: Zoe starts out by telling us how it is impossible to earn a living on a teacher’s salary these days because our country doesn’t value education enough to actually pay the people who provide it
  • 02:00: And then she tells us basically the most romantic love story of all times. Oh, and also how tattooing, at least when she started out, is governed by the same misogynist rules as the ones that govern the rest of the world. Sigh.
  • 08:45: Here is a link to The Sweet Feminist Instagram account which is amazing. Also, we are trying to get her on the show and haven’t been having much luck. Does anyone know her? Help ya girls out!
  • 09:00: And here is the cake she made following Louis C.K.’s standing ovation which still makes us want to scream.
  • 09:30: Drew Linden is fucking incredible. Here is her Instagram account where you can look at all her INCREDIBLE work and just generally support a badass tattoo artist.
  • 21:10: Zoe’s shop is called The New Moon Studio. It is located in Dumbo and you should all go there. Well, like, make an appointment first obviously but, go.
  • 28:30: Paramedical tattooing is really amazing. Here is an article from The Guardian featuring a few women talking about their post mastectomy tattoos.
  • 29:15: Here is Jessie Fora’s Instagram account if you want to check out her work.
  • 37:20: If you haven’t listened to our episode on body hair yet, what are you waiting for?! Here it is!

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