Beducated About Orgasms with Mariah Freya

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah get to chat with Mariah Freya, co-founder of, all that way from her home in Germany! We learned about tantric sex, her journey through the world of sexual awakening and made a new friend! We also learned a little about where the term “G-spot” came from, how small…(Continue Reading)

Movement: Black Youth Abroad with Kicy Motley

In this weeks episode Jessy and Rebekah discuss the important role that traveling has played in their lives, they interview Kicy Motley who is starting a bomb ass organization called Movement: Black Youth Abroad and then they regale one another with poop stories. It’s funny, it’s informative and it’ll make you want to get your…(Continue Reading)

FOSTA SESTA Change or Disappear

On this week’s episode, Jessy and Rebekah discuss Matt Whitaker, Jeff Sessions’ replacement as Attorney General. Now, Jeff Sessions was for sure a racist so we’re not sad to see him go. But Whitaker? He’s something else. You’re favorite hosts then move on to FOSTA/SESTA, a bill signed into law that seriously restricts expression on…(Continue Reading)

Don’t Put That In Your Vagina, A Love Letter to Dr. Gunter

In this episode, Rebekah introduces everyone to her new dog, Goose. Then your two favorite hosts in Vaginaland get into the nitty gritty of the women’s hygiene market. They tell you all about what you should, and what you should not, stick in your vagina. Stuck something weird in your vagina and want to know…(Continue Reading)

Interview with Leigh – Pro Domme and Sex Worker Activist

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah welcome a guest into their vagina. Introducing (drum roll please!) Leigh!!!! Here is a little bit about Leigh, in their own words: At the intersection of sex education and creativity is where you will find multiracial pansexual genderqueer professional dominant, Mistress/Master Leigh. They are an international LGBTQIAP and sex…(Continue Reading)

The Mother Line Story Project

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah welcome Eliza Simpson, Lauren Nordvig and their 3-year-old project baby, The Mother Line Story Project! It’s an amazing project that highlights stories that explore each performers mother line – their mothers, maternal grandmothers, maternal great-grandmothers, etc. It’s a fantastic project and guess what?! Our very own Vagina Jessy Caron…(Continue Reading)

Sex Education & Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness (ASHA)

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah speak with a couple of special guests! The ladies welcomed Olivia Samios (@olivia_ky) and Maya Layne (@mayalayne) into Kill Room Studios to talk about the work that they do with a group called Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness (ASHA) at their college, Wesleyan University. Take away? The kids are alright.…(Continue Reading)

Menstrual Mania Jessy and Rebekah dip into the taboos of menstruation. 0:30: Jessy and Rebekah start off the episode by saying FUCK YES IRELAND! For those of you who don’t know, Ireland just voted to repeal the dreaded Eighth Amendment which banned abortion outright unless the woman’s life was at risk. That meant basically no abortions…(Continue Reading)

Bill Cosby AKA Pill Cosby

Trigger warning: this episode involves in depth discussion of sexual assault and rape. In this episode Jessy and Rebekah start off by discussing the fact that the Golder State Killer got caught (big ups to Michelle McNamara) and then, as if you thought that wasn’t dark enough, things get more serious. Your favorite almost-famous podcast…(Continue Reading)

Sorry Not Sorry : Women Apologizing

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah play a few rousing rounds of “Would You Rather,” introduce the Welcome To My Vagina Sorry Jar (all accumulated apology money will be donated to a women focused charity!) and talk about why women apologize so much. Sorry. We’re just so very sorry. 0:30 Let the “Would You Rathers”…(Continue Reading)

Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah weigh in on the national conversation about gun violence and wonder why domestic violence isn’t discussed as one of the contributing factors. Your favorite hosts also eat some chips and challenge each other’s knowledge of everything fun, and humorously tragic, with their very first “Did You Know?!?!” Lightening Round.…(Continue Reading)

Trailer – First Episode out January 15th!

Introducing Welcome To My Vagina, hosted by Jessy Caron and Rebekah Frank. Destroying the taboo of sex and shutting down misogyny via the black hole of the vagina. A laugh til you queef adventure in sex education made up on the spot, but probably (definitely) researched. Check out for videos, posts, and more! Follow…(Continue Reading)