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The History of Birth Control

In this week’s episode your favorite guides through vagina land talk alllllll about birth control! We talk about methods, development, some Supreme Court decisions, the social impact and when in the ever living fuck are men going to have reasonable options for birth control outside condoms and vasectomies?

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Beducated About Orgasms with Mariah Freya

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah get to chat with Mariah Freya, co-founder of beducated.com, all that way from her home in Germany! We learned about tantric sex, her journey through the world of sexual awakening and made a new friend! We also learned a little about where the term “G-spot” came from, how small the world of birth control is AND how mattresses are a total scam. This episode has it all, so get ready!!

  • 01:10: Check out this article from The Independent all about Ernst Grafenberg!
  • 05:30: Want to know more about this lunchtime procedure, this “G-shot for your G-spot?” You can read this article from HuffPo about the procedure and the MAN WHO INVENTED IT. Excuse us while we roll our eyes so hard we give ourselves headaches.
  • 07:30: In case you haven’t traveled back in time recently, you can do it right now! And listen to our inaugural episode, Vulva Shame!
  • 09:00: Curious about what Beducated is all about? Check out the website here!
  • 12:00: The term “tantra” does not itself refer to sex. The primary meanings of the word are “framework, system,” referring to a system of practice, “doctrine, theory” and “scripture.” From what we found, it basically refers to a scripture that teaches a system of practice. Some people also say it refers to weaving. Who knows.
  • 17:00: **Trigger warning on this article.** Sawmi Vivekananda Saraswait has run a school called Agama Yoga on the Thai island of Koh Phangan. As of the publication of this article from the Guardian, 14 women and two men have claimed that the retreat has facilitated sexual assault, rape and misogynistic teachings resulting in hundreds of women being “brainwashed” into have sex with the Swami in an effort to achieve enlightenment.
  • 21:00: Betty Dodson is known in certain circles as the “godmother of masturbation,” thanks in part to her 1973 best seller Sex for One: The Joy of Selfloving. She has hosted workshops in her apartment since the 80s that teach women about their bodies, loving themselves and achieving orgasm. Super interesting lady.
  • 21:43: You can see some of Betty Dodson’s art here. She also puts out paper and art supplies during some of her classes to have women draw their own vulvas. Pretty rad!
  • 26:00: In case this bit is a little confusing, you can get some background information on it by listening to our episode FOSTA/SESTA: Change or Disappear.
  • 28:30: Doubtful about orgasmic birth? Here is an article about it from Glamour Magazine. It is interesting because it looks at how birth normally occurs in the United States – in the hospital setting – and how the lack of freedom of movement women are afforded doesn’t allow them to have this experience. You can also learn more by watching this documentary called “Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret” directed by doula and orgasmic birth activist and educator Debra Pascali-Bonaro.
  • 30:45: Here is a link to the episode of Adam Ruins Everything all about the mattress industry!
  • 31:30: So apparently it is the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that regulates all things mattress. Unless the mattresses include some sort of medical device at which time they are overseen by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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Hysteria – Blame The Wandering Uterus

In this episode, Jessy tells a story about how some lady grabbed her ass and then gaslit her and in doing so reminds us all that it isn’t only men who don’t understand consent! We relearn the ever important lesson to keep your hands to your damn self. And then you favorite guides through the Vagina Dynasty talk all about the word hysteria, its history and why it still plagues women to this day.

  • 06:30: Do you like etymology? And where words come from? Well you’re in luck because we did a whole entire episode on the etymology of the word pussy! We weren’t able to come to any real conclusions but hot damn did we have a good time doing it.
  • 09:25: Jessy has dated a lot of bros and that’s why she knows what icing is. Rebekah knows because she is friends with Jessy. Don’t know what it is? Check out this handy article all about the phenomenon of icing.
  • 09:30: In a very cursory search we were not able to find any evidence that men held women up-side-down by their ankles and shook them to get their wombs to go back to where they belong but we still stand by our belief that this for sure happened. Fight us.
  • 10:30: Kindly insert “A Womb of Her Own” joke here.
  • 11:10: OMG the uterus is basically like the Puck of the body! Being all mischievous and playing tricks on people and stuff. Shakespeare 100% used the uterus as an inspiration for the character.
  • 12:30: Here is a somewhat reliable source that basically confirms Rebekah’s statement that women would have babies and then die before menopause. A rough estimate gleaned from tomb inscriptions that share ages have led scientists to believe that half the Romans who lived to age 15 were dead by 45. So…
  • 12:45: Yo this Galen dude has a school of nursing named after him and we are kind of thinking that maybe…he shouldn’t? Well, he did normalize dissections which we guess is pretty important but wouldn’t you think that in the process he would discover that there aren’t septic eggs floating around women’s bodies? Just sayin’
  • 13:20: No one is more disappointed about this turn of events than us (and probably Rachel Maines) but here is an article from The Atlantic asserts that there was scant evidence that orgasm was used to treat hysteria and that Maines’ book was not properly peer reviewed before publication. And, if you really want to nerd out, is the scientific paper by Hallie Lieberman and Eric Schatzberg called “A Failure of Academic Quality Control: The Technology of Orgasm.”
  • 13:30: Even though now maybe some of what we said isn’t true, you should still listen to Menage a Moi and also our interview with Sarah Quinn. There is a lot of good stuff in both of them.
  • 24:30: Check out one of our very favorite episodes, “Don’t Put That in Your Vagina: A Love Letter to Dr. Gunter.”
  • 25:30: No but really, check this shit out it is gnarly. And not in a good way.
  • 28:45: It is always a good time to watch this video.
  • 29:00: Here is a trailer for the movie Hysteria which is only worth watching because it stars Maggie Gyllenhaal! Definitely drink some wine while watching.
  • 30:30: Here is part of “On Militant Hysteria” by Sir Almroth Wright if you care to peruse.
  • 32:00: DR. JOHN HARVEY KELLOGG TOTALLY DID INVENT CORNFLAKES! He loved cornflakes and circumcision and he HATED masturbation! And that’s why he invented cornflakes! Because of self pleasure! Holy shit we can’t breathe.
  • 33:40: Here is the clip of Jason Miller calling Kamala Harris hysterical and then having his ass called the fuck out by Kirsten Powers.
  • 37:50: This does not only happen in Canada, it also happens here in the US. Snopes has confirmed that “In 45 states, doctors and medical students are legally allowed to practice pelvic exams on patients who are under anesthesia without being granted explicit consent to do so.” We only have 50 states in this country so you do the math.
  • 33:40: We featured Abby Norman’s Ask Me About My Uterus on our Instagram and it appears in our reading list! Highly recommended if you want to learn more about how women’s pain is discounted or if you have some sort of chronic pain and need to feel less alone.
  • 40:00: Want to learn about abortion a little? Check out our conversation with our SUPER badass producer Cait!

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Abortion Stories with Cait

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah read a review, Rebekah talks about her hairy, hairy vulvic region and then your favorite hosts sit down and have a chat with their producer Cait Moldenhauer about her experience having an abobo. Or an abortion. Whatever you want to call it. As always, we try to tackle it with a good dash of humor, but in the end, it’s a well-researched and serious conversation about abortion access, care and the experience of one woman who believes that talking openly about her abortion will help undo some of the shame put on women who choose to have one. It’s a good listen. Enjoy!

  • 01:16: If you haven’t checked out our body hair episode, what are you waiting for?! Find the link here.
  • 06:15: Here is the Science Vs episode Cait references. Give it a listen! It’s super informative.
  • 06:46: Here is the trailer for Reversing Roe
  • 10:25: Women and low income people found getting a divorce easier starting in the 1960s and it was in the 1970s that no-fault divorces started becoming more popular. But it wasn’t until 2010 that New York state became the last of the 50 states to allow a no-fault divorce even when there was no mutual consent for the divorce. Wow! Who knew?!
  • 11:30: Here are some FAQs on the CDC website, including the fact that states are not required to report abortions to any centralized database.
  • 14:30: This is an INCREDIBLE article by Kayla Webley Adler for Marie Claire magazine on Dr. Colleen McNicholas entitled “On the Front Lines of the Abortion Wars.” We highly recommend you read this.
  • 15:30: Here is the New York Times article about the assassination of George Tiller in his church in Kansas.
  • 31:00: Here is some information from NARAL about forced ultrasound laws. They are horrible.
  • 41:00: Here is an article from Planned Parenthood all about the abortion pill and how it works. Here is something from the Mayo Clinic. And another one from Smithsonian Magazine that talks about the reasons people use the abortion pill and how some women buy them online because they do not have access nearby. And finally, one from Glamour magazine. These are not all perfect articles but they do give context for some of the issues we get into in the show.
  • 42:45: Just as an aside, here is a blog about how women suffering from chronic pain wait longer to receive pain medication. This reflects the disparity in care given to men and women. When viewed through this lens, it is not surprising that women do not receive pain medication when undergoing an incredibly painful experience.
  • 43:30: There are abortion doulas! Here is an article written by one. And if you are an abortion doula, we want to talk to you! EMAIL US PLEASE at welcometomyvagina@gmail.com
  • 49:00: If you want to check out all the amazing shows on the More Banana roster, follow this link!

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Ménage à Moi

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah recount all about how this week was shit and then get into the wild world of masturbation. There are gods, there are doctors, there are doctors who think they are gods, there is a giant vibrator called “The Manipulator” that is coal powered and oh, so much more. Sit back, enjoy, and probably don’t consume liquids while listening because you might spit it out. Special shout out to Dr. Jenn and Dr. Erica, the two gynecologists behind the awesome podcast The V Word!!

  • 01:20: Seriously. A restaurant is actually banning women from dining solo at the bar because they might be escorts. So solo women that come in have to move to a table. Give us a BREAK.
  • 04:00: God forbid anyone try to help save people in this fucking country, you know?! Like, we get it that people shouldn’t be trespassing on federal land and whatnot, but we live in a country run by a man who is trying to strip a lot of national park land of its protected status so he can open it up to development so this seems a little out of step. Seems to us like maybe the problem is that these women were trying to help immigrants. What do you think?
  • 05:30: Here is our episode with Kicy Motly about how borders are actually just a bunch of bullshit. And some other things.
  • 07:15: The Global Advisory Board for Sexual Health and Wellbeing is pretty fucking amazing. It was established in 2016 to “advocate for a positive and inclusive approach to sexuality” and has since made it its mission to establish sexual pleasure as a human right!
  • 08:00: Check out this interview with Lora Haddack, Founder and CEO of Lora Dicarlo, and Lola Vars, the Technical Director of the company, about the treatement their product received at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
  • 09:00: Here is the home page for Lora Dicarlo and Ose which, if you ask us, looks pretty fucking spectacular. This is a great resource to learn more about this amazing tool AND gender bias at the CES!
  • 10:45: Here is another great resource. Awesome article by Emily Dreyfuss of Wired that addresses the orgasm gap and all sorts of other things.
  • 12:15: Here is a really fantastically rigorous history of masturbation from Psychology Today, written by Martha S. Rosenthal, PhD.
  • 12:25: Doctors didn’t call the releases that women experienced orgasms, but instead they called them paroxysms because the going thought of the time was that women were incapable of sexual feelings and so they could not possibly experience orgasms like men. Woah. The patriarchy is real, y’all.
  • 13:00: Also from Psychology Today, but this time by Michael Castleman, M.A., is this article on the history of vibrators. Check it out. It is totally wild.
  • 13:15: Here is a link to the first chapter of The Technology of Orgasm by Rachel P. Maines.
  • 19:00: Here is a link to our episode about things not to put in your vagina! It’s a hoot!
  • 19:30: Omg gall wasps are back. And we have discovered that the creepy Etsy guy selling wasp shit for your vagina is actually just Alfred Kinsey reincarnate. Anyway, here is an article about him. Kinsey. Not the Etsy guy. Or is it….?
  • 28:30: So they totally were into self-flagellation in Victorian England but, surprise surprise, there was also a kinky side! Check out this article in Salon!
  • 28:45: Here is some info about Ben Wa Balls in case you don’t know what they are. They are curiously similar to the shi shi product sold by Goop for $65 called Jade Eggs which we talked aaaaaallllll about on our episode about what not to put in your vagina which is linked here again. Note that the material these things are made from matters.
  • 32:30: Here is the article by Ann Friedman about masturbation as the last taboo.  Great read. Highly recommend.
  • 40:20: Here is the app HappyPlayTime that aims to eliminate the stigma arounf female masturbation! Wow!

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Movement: Black Youth Abroad with Kicy Motley

In this weeks episode Jessy and Rebekah discuss the important role that traveling has played in their lives, they interview Kicy Motley who is starting a bomb ass organization called Movement: Black Youth Abroad and then they regale one another with poop stories. It’s funny, it’s informative and it’ll make you want to get your wallets out to support an amazing opportunity for Black youth in America!

  • 01:20: Here is a really awesome interview with Marta from Forbes!
  • 01:30: Follow us on Instagram, god damnit! We are posting some really fun stuff. And soon we will be posting some stuff about sports!
  • 09:10: Here is the website for Movement: Black Youth Abroad. Check it out! And make sure to sign up for their mailing list! You can find the link right there on their homepage.
  • 11:30: Here is a little bit of information about Birthright Israel.
  • 13:10: We weren’t lying. Jessy really DID fist bump a monkey and here is proof! (Also, make sure you follow her travel Insta, @waywardh0.)
  • 20:00: Willing Workers on Organic Farms, or WOOFing, is an organization that connects people who want to learn about organic farming to people who want to share their lifestyles and are looking for volunteer help! It’s a really cool project. You can travel, stay places in exchange for labor, and learn all about farming techniques all around the world. Swoon.
  • 26:50: James W. Loewen wrote an entire book about this called “Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism.” Here is a review of the book by America’s Black Holocaust Museum.
  • 27:00: Just to remind people that Black people’s movement is still heavily restricted, in 2017 the NAACP issued a statewide travel advisory for the state of Missouri. The organization basically informed POC to travel through the state at their own risk due to a law that was passed that the NAACP says allows for legal discrimination. Read more about it here.

Here is all the info for Movement: Black Youth Abroad

  • You can find all the information you want, and sign up for their newsletter, HERE.
  • Here are some ways for you to GET INVOLVED.
  • Don’t forget to GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. This is a 501C3, so that makes it tax deductible for those of you who keep track of those things.
  • Here is the organization on Facebook
  • And Instagram
  • And Twitter!

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Pioneering Women of Sports & Frau Pow

In this episode of Welcome to My Vagina, Jessy and Rebekah talk holidays, sit down and dish with the cohosts of Frau Pow, an awesome podcast on the More Banana network and then highlight a few awesome women in sports! It’s thought-provoking, informative and full of that brand of holiday cheer that you only get by being called a commie bitch by your uncle. Strap in, it’s quite a ride!

  • 01:30: This is a serious question for our listeners. What do you do when someone in your family says something you disagree with? Or, worse, says something that is racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, transphobic, etc.? And what if you are the only one who disagrees? What is the best course of action, taking into consideration your own emotional and mental safety and the fact that this is your family? We would love to hear from you. Email us at welcometomyvagina@gmail.com
  • 03:11: For those of you who don’t know, “guinea plank” refers to the Verrazzano Bridge which connects Brooklyn and Staten Island. According to the ultimate resource Urban Dictionary, the term is “derived from the stereotype that Italians, escaping from Brooklyn, use this bridge to get to the one neighborhood they can escape to.” Who knew.
  • 09:30: PLEASE REVIEW US!
  • 10:00: Go to www.welcometomyvagina.com to sign up for our newsletter! It comes out on the opposite Tuesday from the podcast so you can have us in your ears and your inboxes every single week. Do it.
  • 10:30: Check out Frau Pow!
  • 11:00: We are really working on getting microaggressions out of our vocabulary and it is very, very hard.
  • 24:00: Follow us on Instagram! We’re sort of killing it over there. Find us at @welcometomyvagina
  • 24:13: Here is an excerpt from Kathrine Switzer’s memoir, Marathon Woman.
  • 24:45: As promised, here’s the video of Switzer’s boyfriend pushing that motherfucker off Kathrine when he tried to take her race bib!
  • 25:30: Here is the official trailer for “Battle of the Sexes!” Check it out!
  • 26:30: Here is the article that Serena Williams wrote for CNN following the birth of her daughter. You all should give it a read.
  • 29:00: The New York Times has been working on belatedly running the obituaries of incredible women who they didn’t write about at the time of their death because of misogyny. And Jackie Mitchell is among them. Read her obit here.
  • 32:00: Here is Misty Copeland dancing on Prince’s piano! So badass.

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Listen to Frau Pow! And Get in touch with them!

The New Moon Studio with Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire Zoe Bean

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah have the absolute pleasure of talking to Zoe Bean. She is a tattooer, she is a business owner and she is an all-around fucking badass. She tells us stories about being a woman tattooing back when women were less common in the industry, how the tattoo industry is going through its own me too movement, a little about medical tattooing, her biggest pet peeves and so much more. Seriously, don’t miss this one. And if you are interested in checking out her studio, you can find it on Instagram @thenewmoonstudio or you can find Zoe her at @zoebeantattoo. Don’t forget to look for her awesome partner Drew Linden, @drewlinden.

  • 01:00: Zoe starts out by telling us how it is impossible to earn a living on a teacher’s salary these days because our country doesn’t value education enough to actually pay the people who provide it
  • 02:00: And then she tells us basically the most romantic love story of all times. Oh, and also how tattooing, at least when she started out, is governed by the same misogynist rules as the ones that govern the rest of the world. Sigh.
  • 08:45: Here is a link to The Sweet Feminist Instagram account which is amazing. Also, we are trying to get her on the show and haven’t been having much luck. Does anyone know her? Help ya girls out!
  • 09:00: And here is the cake she made following Louis C.K.’s standing ovation which still makes us want to scream.
  • 09:30: Drew Linden is fucking incredible. Here is her Instagram account where you can look at all her INCREDIBLE work and just generally support a badass tattoo artist.
  • 21:10: Zoe’s shop is called The New Moon Studio. It is located in Dumbo and you should all go there. Well, like, make an appointment first obviously but, go.
  • 28:30: Paramedical tattooing is really amazing. Here is an article from The Guardian featuring a few women talking about their post mastectomy tattoos.
  • 29:15: Here is Jessie Fora’s Instagram account if you want to check out her work.
  • 37:20: If you haven’t listened to our episode on body hair yet, what are you waiting for?! Here it is!

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FOSTA SESTA Change or Disappear

On this week’s episode, Jessy and Rebekah discuss Matt Whitaker, Jeff Sessions’ replacement as Attorney General. Now, Jeff Sessions was for sure a racist so we’re not sad to see him go. But Whitaker? He’s something else. You’re favorite hosts then move on to FOSTA/SESTA, a bill signed into law that seriously restricts expression on the internet all under the guise of trying to disrupt sex trafficking. There have already been a lot of serious implications, including some ways in which we personally have been effected. It’s sort of a serious episode but don’t you worry, we wrap that shit up with a few well placed dad jokes so fasten your seatbelts and get ready to laugh (and maybe fill with dread) until you queef.

  • 01:30: According to the Des Moines Register, during the Iowa Family Leader debate  back in 2014, in reference to potential judges Whitaker went on the record as saying, “I’d like to see things like their world view, what informs them. Are they people of faith? Do they have a biblical view of justice?… I’m a New Testament. And what I know is as long as they have that world view, that they’ll be a good judge.” Religion should not be involved in the law, but this quote directly rejects both Judaism and the Muslim faith which predate the New Testament.
  • 02:00: Here is an article about the Ten Commandments and The Supreme Court!
  • 02:30: If you read nothing else that we post in the notes, PLEASE read this. Here is an article from Playboy. About Whitaker’s big dick toilets. You’re welcome.
  • 07:00: If you missed it, here is the totally awesome Camel Toe video. Watch at your own risk since apparently this is censorship worthy. (Insert eye roll here.)
  • 11:30: Here is a link to the organization Survivors Against SESTA. There is a lot of information and A TON of resources for people who want to get involved in this fight. This is super, super important.
  • 11:35: Here is a link to the American Sex Podcast episode on FOSTA/SESTA. Give it a listen it is incredibly informative.
  • 12:45: This is Jonathan Corbett’s blog post. It goes into a lot of the ways in which this new legislation is effecting all of us I our day-to-day lives in ways we never could have expected.
  • 16:30: Here is a link to Freedom Network USA. Check them out.
  • 18:45: This is a link to the study entitled “Craigslist’s Effect on Violence Against Women” which was put out by Gregory DeAngelo from West Virginia University along with Scott Cunningham and John Tripp of Baylor University.
  • 22:00: TITS AND SASS!!!!
  • 23:00: And here is a link to a Wiki page about John Schools, which are apparently way more prevalent than either of us knew. But they are just as ineffective as we imagined. Shocker.
  • 26:00: Here is a link to information about the Communications Decency Act.
  • 31:30: Check out our conversation with Olivia and Maya, two totally rad students from Wesleyan University who go to high schools to teach sex ed!
  • 33:30: You can learn all about Kitty Striker here!
  • 38:00: We’re famous! WE’RE FAMOUS! It’s really happening! We were talked about in an article by  the Electronic Frontier Foundation!

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Awkward Sex & The City with Natalie Wall

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah interview Natalie Wall of Awkward Sex and the City fame. It’s a stand-up show AND a podcast in the MoreBanana family and you should all give it a listen. As soon as you’re done listening to this episode, of course. We start out with a rousing game of “Would You Rather” sent to us by Rebekah’s friend Noelle. Thanks, Noelle!

  • 02:00: We play a game of “would you rather” during which we basically solve all the  quandaries plaguing society.
  • 03:00: Botox is, in fact, used to treat people with chronic migraines! Science is great!
  • 04:35: Gwen Stefani is actually 49 years old and she looks DAMN good. Also, she’s 5’6”. For some reason we thought she was a lot shorter than that.
  • 06:30: Check out Natalie’s AMAZING podcast here! Binge it! It’s great!
  • 10:00: The Anita who Natalie is referring to is none other than Anita Flores of the MoreBanana produced podcast “I’m Listening: A Frasier Podcast with Anita Flores.” It’s badass!
  • 11:00: “Sex and the City” premiered on June 6th, 1998.
  • 22:45: Oh my god here is a story about *69 from The Washington Post that was published on July 5, 1996. It is called “NOW, ANYONE’S GOT YOUR NUMBER,” and yes the title is written in all caps.
  • 25:14: The quote that Jessy read is from Ernest Becker’s book The Denial of Death.
  • 27:44: It isn’t a crane, it’s a stork. Although it would be really funny to think about cranes used at construction sites being the means by which babies are delivered in big cities…
  • 28:00: If you haven’t listened to our episode with Leigh, what are you waiting for?! It is so good. So informative. And you can find it by following this link!
  • 39:00: It is confirmed: Natalie and Rebekah actually have the same dad.
  • 41:15: Here is a link to Natalie’s article about semen.
  • 43:30: It is a Callery Pear, or Pyrus calleryana if you prefer the Latin, that smells like semen. It’s really common throughout North America.

Here’s where you can find Natalie!

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Don’t Put That In Your Vagina, A Love Letter to Dr. Gunter

In this episode, Rebekah introduces everyone to her new dog, Goose. Then your two favorite hosts in Vaginaland get into the nitty gritty of the women’s hygiene market. They tell you all about what you should, and what you should not, stick in your vagina. Stuck something weird in your vagina and want to know if it’s okay? Well, short answer is it probably isn’t but listen to find out! Or send us an email at welcometomyvagina@gmail.com for any specific questions. And, in true WTMV fashion, Jessy and Rebekah finish off with something a little lighter – this week it’s weird state laws. Wow! Give it a listen! And, as always, C U Next Tuesday!

  • 00:30: Jessy and Rebekah propose changing the way we talk about voting and rather than calling it Election Day, it should be Voters Day! Because it is our day goddamnit!
  • 01:00: Rebekah got a dog!
  • 05:15: Here is our first episode, Vulva Shame! You can learn so much! And also see how much we have learned about podcasting. We have all come so far. Go team.
  • 06:15: The inventor of the douche was indeed a man. We know, SHOCKING. His name was Anthony E. Magoris and was awarded a patent for what he called the “combined syringe and speculum” on March 29th, 1892. He also held the patent on the tampon which he was granted on May 18th, 1901. Figures.
  • 07:00: This article from The Guardian, “The Vagina is self-cleaning – so why does the ‘feminine hygiene’ industry exist?” is well worth the read.
  • 07:30: Here is our hero and yours Dr. Jennifer Gunter taking down the Teen Vogue article on her website. It’s informative. And also fucking hilarious.
  • 10:30: Here is a whole history on douching. It is SUPER interesting.
  • 11:30: If you haven’t listened to our episode on body hair, well, what are you waiting for?! We do a deep dive into the capitalist roots of hair removal! It’s totally fucked. But also entirely predictable.
  • 14:30: If you want to follow Dr. Jennifer Gunter (and why in the world wouldn’t you?!) you can find her here, @DrJenGunter. Seriously, she is an ocean of vaginal knowledge.
  • 17:30: Here is an entire article from Forbes, called “The Mystery Behind Ancient Vaginal Jade Eggs Has Been Cracked,” that tells you everything you didn’t realize you needed to know about jade eggs and how dangerous they are.
  • 25:45: And again, here is the link to Body Hair Don’t Care! It’s good and funny and informative and you should listen. Okay bye.
  • 26:30: Here is an article that runs through the history of glitter bombing. It is magnificent.
  • 29:30: Here is our girl Jen Gunter telling you not to put a wasp nest in your vagina. Here is Women’s Health Magazine telling you not to put a wasp next in your vagina. And here is Forbes. FORBES!! Forbes is also telling you not to put a wasp nest in your vagina.

Inside My Uterus with Sarah Quinn : A Chat about Endometriosis

On this week’s episode of Welcome to My Vagina, basically almost the most famous podcast in all the land, Jessy and Rebekah interviewed Sarah Quinn who struggles with endometriosis. One in 10 women are affected by this disease and yet the general population, not to mention a lot of doctors, don’t really know anything about it. But that is about to change because Sarah is VERY informative. You’re gonna learn so much. And if you want to learn more head on over to welcometomyvagina.com/blog and check out Sarah’s blog posts about endo. You won’t regret it!

  • 04:00: OMG. Sarah Quinn wrote a letter to Elizabeth Warren about her endometriosis and Warren read it on the floor! And it was covered on C-SPAN! Here is a link!
  • 04:45: FYI for those of you who suck at TV like Rebekah, Leslie Knope is a fictional character on the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation.” She is played by Amy Poehler.
  • 07:00: And again, here is the link to Senator Warren reading Sarah’s letter on C-SPAN. C-SPAN!!!!! So exciting.
  • 08:00: Here is a link to the EndoWhat organization. They are doing a lot of really amazing work and have a TON of information about endometriosis. Their goal is to educate and empower people who have endometriosis and also informing health care providers and policy makers about the disease to ensure that medical knowledge moves forward and proper legislation gets passed to help those who suffer.
  • 09:15: An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg attaches somewhere outside of your uterus – usually in your fallopian tube. These pregnancies are extremely rare but very serious and must be treated.
  • 15:45: Shannon Cohn is the director and producer of the movie Endo What? You can find a link to the webpage here and a link to the Ted Talk that Jessy referenced here.
  • 18:00: Crohn’s Disease is “a chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract.” It has symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite fatigue, night sweats and loss of a menstrual cycle. It can cause things like rectal bleeding, persistent diarrhea, constipation and abdominal cramps. Overall is it not fun. AT ALL.
  • 19:00: Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder in which the ingestion of gluten leads to damage of the small intestine.
  • 20:20: This isn’t the same article that Jessy referenced but it does address the issue she spoke about, citing the same data. It’s called “Women and Pain: Disparities in experience and treatment” and it is well worth the read.
  • 20:30: For reference, here is an article by Serena Williams about her near-fatal experience giving birth to her child. It is HORRIFYING.
  • 30:00: Here is an article about the study Rebekah referenced. I mean, come the fuck on people!
  • 36:45: Here is some more information about the Department of Defense funding for endometriosis.

The Witness Hillary Project with Rebecca Pronsky

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah talk to Rebecca Pronsky – the folk singer turned singing political fundraiser.

  • 00:00:45: Here is a New York Times article that breaks down seven different ways that Alabama has made it harder for people to vote. But also, check out Carol Anderson’s new book, One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression is Destroying our Democracy. She was interviewed by Trevor Noah on The Daily Show so you can find her interview there as well.
  • 03:11: Here is a link to buy Rebecca’s album!
  • 03:20: Here is a link to buy tickets to see Rebecca’s show, Hillary Clinton’ Song Cycle: Witness! It will be at the New York International Fringe Festival on October 13, 14, 17, 20 and 21 and at the Charm City Fringe Festival on November 8, 9, 10 and 11!
  • 06:00: Here is a photo from the magical day we met Rebecca.
  • 07:00: Here is a link to Liuba Gretchen Shirley’s campaign website where you can donate to her campaign and read about where she stands on the issues (pro-choice, equal pay for women and POC, common sense gun reform, etc.) . She is running against Peter King who voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, is anti-choice and supported Trump’s travel ban.
  • 07:15: And here is Alessandra Biaggi’s website. She is for single payer health care, wants to help New York’s elderly and is pro-choice.
  • 07:40: Here is a New York Times article about the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC). This group consisted of a group of 8 rogue state senators who broke with their party and collaborated with the Republicans. We voted 6 of the 8 out in the primaries.
  • 09:15: And finally, Zellnor Myrie!
  • 11:30: Rebekah’s brain is made of swiss cheese. She was trying to think of John Edwards who ran in 2004 and 2008. He was John Kerry’s running mate in 2004. And the big scandal? An affair. His wife was dying of cancer at the time (she passed in 2010) and he went on trial for violating campaign contribution laws when he tried to cover up his affair. It certainly wasn’t great, but this is like peanuts compared to the shit people let Trump get away with. Oh, how things have changed.
  • 13:00: Here is an article about the abortion issue.
  • 19:15: We are sorry for any loss of life but we were not sorry that Scalia could not serve on the Supreme Court post mortem. Sorry not sorry.
  • 24:00: Here is a link to Motivote! In the interest of full disclosure, they are on Shine Registry, which More Banana (our production company) is now partnering with! The fact that Rebecca Pronsky knows them is actually a total coincidence.
  • 25:00: Here again is a link to buy tickets to see Rebecca’s show, Hillary Clinton’ Song Cycle: Witness! It will be at the New York International Fringe Festival on October 13, 14, 17, 20 and 21 and at the Charm City Fringe Festival on November 8, 9, 10 and 11!
  • 25:30: You can find Rebecca
  • 27:40: Here is the list we read of all the MALE judiciary members for the GOP:
    • Chuck Grassley of Iowa is up in 2022
    • Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is up in 2020
    • John Cornyn of Texas is up in 2020
    • Mike Lee of Utah is up in 2022
    • Ted Cruz of Texas is up this year
    • Ben Sasse of Nebraska is up in 2020
    • Mike Crapo of Idaho is up in 2022
    • Thom Tillis of North Carolina is up in 2020
    • John Kennedy Louisiana is up in 2022
    • Orrin Hatch of Utah and Jeff Flake of Arizona are both retiring at the end of their terms
  • 29:15: Here is an interview with Jeff Flake and Jake Tapper after Flake’s announcement that he will retire at the end of this term.
  • 30:00: Here is Beto’s campaign site. You can donate to him! And learn about his politics. Here is the viral video where he supports NFL players right to protest.
  • 32:00: Here is our episode about Larry Nassar  and the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal.
  • 34:30: Here is a link to Nate Silver’s fivethirtyeight
  • 34:46: Here is Paula Jean Swearengin’s wiki! Give that a go.
  • 41:00: Here’s that CrowdPac site in case you wanna throw some of your money in that race.
  • 43:40: Rebekah said the House, she meant the Senate.

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Interview with Leigh – Pro Domme and Sex Worker Activist

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah welcome a guest into their vagina. Introducing (drum roll please!) Leigh!!!! Here is a little bit about Leigh, in their own words:

At the intersection of sex education and creativity is where you will find multiracial pansexual genderqueer professional dominant, Mistress/Master Leigh. They are an international LGBTQIAP and sex worker rights’ advocate/organizer, community-based sex researcher/educator, filmmaker/performer, martial artist/fetish wrestler, an alternative sex media consultant, and a professional dominant who does fetish work as both male and female. Leigh specializes in multiplayer scenes, LGBTQAP, and physically disabled persons. This will be their 3rd DomCon teaching for the industry-only classes. You can regularly find Leigh’s entitled ass trying to submit you on a Jiu Jitsu mat or just attempting to stay woke.

This is a very fun and informative episode so listen up. We learned a ton and we think you will too.

  • 02:00: We play Fuck, Marry, Kill: the Putin/Pence/Kellyanne Conway edition!
  • 05:00: Leigh introduces themself, and we can assure you that despite what they might say they are not boring AT ALL.
  • 06:15: Here is an article – and accompanying video from Vice – with some information about fetish wrestling. And here is a really cool piece from The Mirror that gives a great overview of the consent involved and what the motivations behind fetish wrestling are.
  • 09:45: Here is the Time article by Samantha Cooney in which Leigh is quoted as saying, “sex workers are experts at negotiating consent. When you have a monetary transaction, there have to be very clear boundaries about what is going to transpire because it is an issue of money.”
  • 10:30: Here is the Buzzfeed article by Melissa Broudo that Leigh references as the source of their comment on sex workers and consent. It is an INCREDIBLE read.
  • 10:45: Here is a link to Melissa Broudo’s organization, The Sharmus Outlaw Advocacy and Rights Institute, AKA  Soar Institute, which works to “shift minds, hearts, and skills of service providers, communities, and policy makers to benefit those involved in the sex industry, trafficked individuals, and related communities.”
  • 13:30: This Medium article is by no means a full analysis on radical feminism, but it is somewhat useful in gaining familiarity with the term. There are a lot of huge problems with radical feminism which include, but are not limited to, it’s tendency to discriminate against the trans community as well as its insistence that sex work is inherently exploitative of those who perform it.
  • 21:30: You should listen to Leigh on Semi-Woo Podcast, Season 2 Episode 8, “All in a Day’s (Sex) Work.”
  • 28:30: Here is our episode on Incels if you missed it which you wouldn’t if you were subscribed to our podcast! Which you totally should be because we are awesome.
  • 29:00: You should for sure check out Jessy’s YouTube Channel! And here is a link specifically to the episode she did on Incels.
  • 33:00 “If you watch porn you’re part of the sex industry. Welcome.”
  • 36:00: Here is a Dazed Digital article that explains the reasons Gizelle Marie started the NY Stripper Strike. You can watch Gizelle’s journey, and get way more information, by checking out her Instagram page.
  • 42:00: Leigh talks about legislation called SESTA FOSTA which was intended to interrupt sex trafficking but the language of the legislation is extremely loose and leaves a lot of room for interpretation; and a lot of room for it to impact all of our lives as well as the lives of sex workers. Check out this episode #119 of Reply All: No More Safe Harbor for more information on the history of this law as well as its far-reaching effects.
  • 56:00: BREATH
  • 1:04:00: Here are the organizations Leigh recommends looking into:

Here is where you can follow Leigh:

  • Website:  LeighEntertainment.com
  • Twitter:  @Ms_tress_Leigh
  • Instagram: @dominartrix
  • Fetlife: Ms_tress_Leigh

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The Mother Line Story Project

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah welcome Eliza Simpson, Lauren Nordvig and their 3-year-old project baby, The Mother Line Story Project! It’s an amazing project that highlights stories that explore each performers mother line – their mothers, maternal grandmothers, maternal great-grandmothers, etc. It’s a fantastic project and guess what?! Our very own Vagina Jessy Caron is performing at the show this coming Wednesday! She’s going to be telling a story from the perspective of her mother! So come on down to the Town Stages this Wednesday, September 12th at 7pm to hear for yourself. You won’t be sorry.

  • 00:44: Come to the Mother Line Story Project’s Third Anniversary PARTAY! It is at 7pm Wednesday, September 12th at the Town Stages.  You can buy tickets here! Jessy will be telling a  story on stage in a new dress and you won’t want to miss it!
  • 02:00: We introduce our lovely guests! This week we welcomed Eliza Simpson, Founder and Executive Director of the Mother Line Story Project, alongside the organization’s Director of Education and Development Lauren Nordvig. You can read all about them here!
  • 03:00: Oh my god the Florida Gators are so good. Here is a link to Alex McMurtry crushing it on floor with a back injury. Swoon.
  • 07:15: Eliza talks us through the root of this project, about the pagan concept of a womb-to-womb connection and tells a story about her own mother line.
  • 13:00: Eliza talks about the project and how it is used as a tool for story tellers to explore, and define, their own connections to their Mother Line.
  • 14:30: Krista Tippet and the On Being Project is really awesome and you all should check it out!
  • 15:00: Lauren talks about her experience as a story teller with The Mother Line Project and how her own mother reacted to seeing Lauren’s performance.
  • 20:00: Here is a really interesting article from Discover Magazine all about the inheritance of genes and how we carry traces of the experiences of our ancestors! So cool.
  • 22:00: Jessy talks about her experience being part of The Mother Line Project. Don’t forget, she will be performing her first story on Wednesday, September 12th live and in a new dress!!! Don’t miss it!
  • 27:00: Lauren and Eliza tell us about the reactions that some men have had about the project after seeing a show. It is somewhat predictable but also, good. We all have a really good conversation about the importance of being an active supporter through listening.
  • 31:00: The Mother Line went to Egypt!!!! You can (and should) watch the performance here.
  • 36:00: For those of you who missed it here are the deets:
    • The Mother Line Project is Turning 3!
    • You can see the show on Wednesday, September 12th. Doors at 7pm, stories start at 8pm at The Town Stages in Manhattan! Again, get your tickets here!
  • Follow the Mother Line project on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and visit their website!

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Body Hair Don’t Care

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah talk body hair! To start off, your favorite cohosts talk about how they tried to have friend time and how they were interrupted. Constantly. By men. And then, they move into body hair. They take you on an adventure of body hair removal, through the millennial and then discuss their own hairy battles. Do you have a horror story to share? Send it along to welcometomyvagina@gmail.com with the subject heading “body hair horror story” and we will read it on one of our upcoming episodes! We can’t wait to hear from you!

  • 0:45: Jessy and Rebekah went out to a bar and got interrupted by every single man on this side of the Mississippi.
  • 01:55: It wasn’t Rebecca Traister. It was the other awesome feminist Rebecca, Rebecca Solnit. So, here is Rebecca Solnit’s essay, “Men Explain Things to Me,” which recounts the story the Rebekah alluded to on the podcast. And for good measure, here’s a link to a female physicist who had her own theories explained to her on a panel she appeared on.
  • 04:45: This article is REALLY interesting. It summarizes a scientific study that basically says that human hair is essentially an alarm system to let us know when bugs, or other yuckies, are walking across our skin. In a study with bed bugs (vomit), researchers found that it took volunteers about twice as long to detect the movement of a bug when it was moving on shaved skin than when it was on an unshaved area presumably because of the movement of the hair! Wow!
  • 5:30: Here is the game that Jessy was talking about. It was launched onto the toy market in 1955.
  • 06:30: According to this article, we started developing thicker head hair to protect our growing brains from the heat!
  • 07:00: Here is some really cool information about the apocrine sweat glands which is something we didn’t even know existed until we researched for this episode!
  • 07:15: MOIST!
  • 08:00: This is Rachel Lubitz’s article for Mic called “The Unusual and Deeply Sexist History of Women Removing their Body Hair.” There were some things about it that we didn’t love, but the historical overview was really helpful for this episode.
  • 08:15: And here is the blog History Undressed which is pretty cool.
  • 08:30: Rebekah was right! History has proven that beards do actually prevent frostbite! A 2012 study conducted in China compared the skin of the upper lips of 100 mustached men to the skin of those same men’s upper (hairless) cheeks. They found that the men’s lips were, on average, 1 degree warmer than the cheeks. It has also been floated that facial hair makes men too warm, allowing for the potential for their brains to overheat. The possible offset for that? Male pattern baldness!
  • 10:15: Here is a photo of a pair of “volsellas” to which we say NOPE.
  • 11:00: Quicklime, AKA calcium oxide (CaO) is a widely used chemical compound that “neutralizes (some) acidic oxides to produce a basic molten slag.” We do not care to figure out what the means but what we do know is that in 80BC the Roman general Sertorius used clouds of quicklime powder to defeat Characitani of Hispania who was hiding in a cave. Basically, it is used as a choking cloud like pepper spray. And women used to remove their hair with it. Cool.
  • 12:42: There is not information that we could find about why this idea of using cat poop to remove hair was originally floated but the Atlantic says that cats make you crazy so there’s that.
  • 13:45: Here it is! The Milady Decollete by Gillete which helped marketers create an industry for women’s razors.
  • 14:00: And here is an excerpt from Christine Hope’s book!
  • 15:00: And here is Betty Grable wearing a Navy cap displaying her shaven, un-nyloned legs. (We are not hating on her at all. She was, in some ways, a tool of the patriarchy.)
  • 16:00: Sarah Hildebrandt’s book, The EmBodyment of American Culture, is really good but we could only find excerpts online. We imagine the entire book is worth the read. You can probably find it at your local library!
  • 17:15: We can confirm that the Barely Legal series was, in fact, Larry Flynt.
  • 19:50: Hair removal is so damn expensive!
  • 20:45: Yup, that’s right. We said back, sack and crack waxing technique.
  • 22:45: Oh my god this Heather Widdows article is EVERYTHING. Read it!!!
  • 27:00: This article from the Independent talks about trends in pubic hair and about a start-up that began thinking of pubic hair in a different way. Instead of focusing on removal, it focuses on caring for the hair and the skin as we would in different areas of our bodies. All that being said, the article does say that men overwhelmingly do not like untended hedges. But whatever. Do you, girl.
  • 27:30: Here is that super popular episode where Jessy talks about using a pillow as a pad. It is so funny.
  • 31:45: Definitely give this article from The Guardian by Mona Chalabi a read. She is also amazing on Instagram! Find her @monachalabi
  • 33:30: This Reddit thread is insane. Generally we say don’t read the comments. But this time is different. You should FOR SURE read the comments.

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Welcome To Joanna’s Vagina – Interview with Joanna Cifredo!

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah had a fucking fantastic conversation with the one and only Joanna Cifredo. She does stand-up, she’s a trans activist, she cohosts a podcast called the Trans Specific Partnership Podcast, she has gotten within 4 feet of Michelle Obama on more than one occasion and she wants to start a summer camp for Puerto Rican children to teach them the real history of PR. She’s a goddamn angel and an all-around badass and she was kind enough to come over to Kill Room Studios and chat with us about her life, her experience and her opinions. We talked about all kinds of things and, of course, finished it off with our favorite game: would you rather. Find her on Instagram and Twitter with the handle @joannacifredo and check out her standup! She will be performing this coming Saturday at Dangerfield’s! You won’t want to miss it.

  • 00:36: We welcome Joanna Cifredo to our vagina! Or she welcomes us to her vagina. No, no, no we all welcome each other to each other’s vaginas.
  • 02:15: The term “dead name” is used within the trans community to refer to the name assigned to a person at birth, a name that is no longer in use. When people transition, they choose a name that more accurately reflects their identity, their gender. Given the dangers faced by the trans community because of transphobia and homophobia, dead naming someone is not only incredibly disrespectful but it can put their lives at risk. And it is incredibly irresponsible for an institution tasked with providing safety to put already vulnerable populations at greater risk of harm.
  • 02:40: Here is a link to the National Center for Transgender Equality. This organization provides tons of resources and information for the trans community and allies as well, including ways to take action against Brett Kavanaugh – a garbage nominee to the Supreme Court – as well as information about health care and ways to protect and update legal documentation!
  • 03:00: Sorry Florida but you are, for sure, the worst. We said it and we stand by it.
  • 05:45: Everyone seriously SEE NANETTE! It is so fucking good. Here is a link to the trailer. The full show is on Netflix. See it. If you don’t have Netflix, get someone’s password. Worth it.
  • 07:55: You can see Joanna at Dangerfield’s in NYC this coming Saturday, August 18th. And then on August 29th at 7pm at the Kraine Theater for her all women stand-up show!
  • 08:20: SNL, we know you’re listening. Call Joanna Cifredo. And if you can’t get in touch with her, we will give you her info.
  • 09:00: Okay so the actual sign reads “We Should’ve Passed Gun Reform After Selena.” Here is a photo of Joanna and her sign…and while you’re at it, follow her @joannacifredo. And find her and Rebecca Kling’s awesome podcast, the Trans Specific Partnership Podcast, and subscribe! It’s incredible.
  • 11:20: Here is a link to episode 4 from the Trans Specific Partnership Podcast called “Pretty Privilege.”
  • 11:40: Here is a piece by Mila Madison from her blog Transgender Universe about the pink cloud.
  • 12:45: According to the National Women’s Law Center, on average Latina women make 54 cents for every dollar made by a white, non-Hispanic man. You can see the numbers state-by-state here.
  • 13:00: Here is an article from the Washington Post about Jennicet Gutierrez. Here is a great one from Slate that falls definitively on her side. This is an incredibly interesting and important story because Guitierrez was an undocumented trans immigrant, making her especially vulnerable. Shortly after she spoke out, the administration made a change of policy and stated that trans people being held in detention would be held along with those who share their gender identity, not the gender they were assigned at birth. Whether or not it was connected to her comments, it was still a very important move that not only made trans people safer but made it clear that the trans population was on the radar of the Obama administration.
  • 14:15: Here is some info on Raffi Freedman-Gurspan who is totally awesome!
  • 18:30: Joanna is basically THE definition of inspirational in this segment. I’m pretty sure we both got misty eyed listening to her in person say this but we definitely felt it when playing it back. It is easy to forget sometimes that there are a lot of wonderful things about this country and they are worth fighting for, even though sometimes we get bogged down with everything that is going on.
  • 22:42: Here is a link to the trailer for “The Florida Project.” We highly recommend giving the full movie a watch. Keep tissues handy.
  • 26:30: Here is an article from the Huffington Post about how the rise of the Internet has specifically helped the LGBTQ community because it has expanded each individual’s geographic reach beyond their immediate surroundings.
  • 28:30: Seriously, FUCK BRETT KAVANAUGH! And actually, while we’re at it, FUCK MITCH MCCONNELL and all of his stupid pals. They all suck. Ugh.
  • 32:00: Here is some information about Camp Aranu’tiq. It is a summer camp that was established specifically for transgender and gender-variant/gender-nonconforming youth. Camp Aranu-tiq’s mission is to “build confidence, resilience and community for transgender and gender-variant youth and their families” and they provide scholarships because they want to be sure to not turn away any potential campers who could use their services. So awesome.
  • 33:00: Here is an article from 2016 about the migration from Puerto Rico to the United States. The rate of people leaving the island picked up significantly following Hurricane Maria last summer.
  • 33:30: Here is a brief biography of Don Pedro Albizu Campos. He was pretty damn amazing.
  • 35:30: Read this book! Tomorrow Will Be Different by Sarah McBride. And watch this show! FX Pose!
  • 39:00: Go ahead, Google shmegma. You know you want to.

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Desperately Seeking Sex ED

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah thank Cole and Michael for being the first two emailers! We are so excited to hear from you so please, keep in touch with us! The girls also announce their first giveaway – clay vaginas made for us by @bettieblowup! Review us and get yourself one! Your favorite hosts in Vaginaland then tackle more issues surrounding sex education, or the lack thereof, in our school systems. Jessy comes at you with lots of incredibly interesting, and upsetting, facts that let us all know where we’re at in this country. Spoiler alert: on average we fucking suck at providing sex education. But listen to find out details because some of this will blow your mind. There’s some good news in there, too. And then, to wrap it all up, Jessy and Rebekah discuss all sorts of interesting facts that they never knew, like stuff about the deadly boomslang snake, an animal which is not to be confused with your boo-thang.

  • Check out GLESN, an amazing organization founded in 1990 by a group of teachers who wanted to “improve an education system that too frequently allows its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students to be bullied, discriminated against, or fall through the cracks.” A lot of our information came from this organization and it is a very important resource for students, educators and everyone else.
  • 00:35: WE GOT EMAILS!! Thank you for writing to us, Cole and Michael! Now where are the rest of you slackers?! We’re ready for ya!
  • 01:35: We are developing a feminist reading list! Have a piece we should put on there? Send us an email at welcometomyvagina@gmail.com with the subject line “READING LIST”
  • 01:45: Introducing….OUR MAILING LIST! Go to www.welcometomyvagina.com scroll to the middle of the page and sign yourself up! Keep up to date with all the haps. First email will be sent next week and you won’t wanna miss it!
  • 03:10: GIVE AWAY ALERT! The first three people who give us (positive or constructive) reviews where ever you listen to our podcast will receive a clay vagina, made for us by @bettieblowup find her on Instagram, she’s rad. Leave us a review and all the stars and then send us your contact information to welcometomyvagina@gmail.com and await your vagina!
  • 04:40: Listen to part one of our sex ed series here where we talked to two awesome young women from Wesleyan University about their experience teaching sex ed to high school students all around Connecticut!
  • 07:45: Here is an interesting article in Vox about consent culture by a sexual consent educator, Jaclyn Friedman. It uses the conversation around Aziz Ansari as the framework but we think it is more widely relevant.
  • 08:30: Check out our episode on Incels here. And make sure to watch Jessy’s video here!
  • 08:40: As Jessy said, there are no national standards for teaching sex education in schools, although the Trump administration did announce that the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPP) – a grant program created under Obama that works to reduce teen pregnancy rates in the US – will only provide funding to organizations that promote abstinence-only approaches. Read about this, and specific state approaches to sex education, in this article from the Center for American Progress.
  • 09:10: Here is a Snopes article that definitely says that soda (Coke in this case but I think we can extend that to include Dr. Pepper and Pepsi #science) is not an effective spermicide. Do not shoot soda up your vag.
  • 10:15: Here is an article from The Atlantic that talks specifics about sex ed and how it includes, or excludes, the LGBTQ+ population. Well worth the read.
  • 11:00: Check out uppercaseCHASE1 here. He is doing incredible work in providing a safe space for the trans community as well as educating family members and allies. We really recommend his 12-episode Trans 101 series that covers all different topics and is very informative.
  • 12:20: Here is GLESN on “no promo homo laws,” what they are, where they are in effect and the ways in which these laws negatively impact students.
  • 13:45: Three cheers for Washington State!! Here is information from the state government on the Healthy Youth Act!
  • 16:35: For those of you in the back, here again is a link to our previous episode on sex ed. Listen! You won’t regret it.
  • 16:55: Pam Stenzel is an awful woman. She made female students cry during a high school assembly by calling sexually active students impure and saying that she could “look at any one of you in the eyes right now and tell if you’re going to be promiscuous.”
  • 19:05: Shelly Donahue is also an awful woman.
  • 22:10: Here is the article from the Journal of Adolescent Health entitled “Abstinence-Only-Until Marriage: An Updated Review of U.S. Policies and Programs and Their Impacts.”
  • 24:15: Yale did the right thing here by banning the frat for 5 years, but is that enough? Does banning a frat actually deal with the offensive behavior expressed by its members? Just some food for thought.
  • 27:30: Send us your horror stories, and your “nah my school did it right” stories! We want to hear them! Send them to welcometomyvagina@gmail.com
  • 31:45: We never want to meet a boomslang. And neither do you. You’re welcome.

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Sex Education & Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness (ASHA)

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah speak with a couple of special guests! The ladies welcomed Olivia Samios (@olivia_ky) and Maya Layne (@mayalayne) into Kill Room Studios to talk about the work that they do with a group called Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness (ASHA) at their college, Wesleyan University. Take away? The kids are alright. Then Rebekah and Jessy talk about their own high school sex education, or lack thereof. And then your favorite hosts have the first of many conversations about the state of sex education in our country. Friends, it is bleak as fuck. This is going to be a recurring theme here on the WTMV Almost Famous Podcast so be sure to tune in and shoot us any questions you may have so we can address your concerns!

  • 01:30: Meet Olivia and Maya! The two ladies fill us in on themselves, their own experience with sex education growing up and why they got involved with ASHA! As per this article in the Wesleyan Argus, ASHA is a student group that educates youth on sexual health, consent and communication. The group’s primary focus is teaching their curriculum to high school students around Connecticut, but they also recently started conducting workshops on campus, specifically focused on sports teams, Greek organizations and first-year students.
  • 07:15: Oh my god ASHA teaches their high school students communication phrases to help make them feel more comfortable in sexual situations and to help them express what they want to express. SWOON.
  • 07:40: Jessy brings up a really good point: it is, of course, so very important to teach people how to express what they want and don’t want, but how about teaching people to read and understand enthusiastic consent. We have read a lot of comments and articles in which men state that in this post #metoo movement they are afraid to even be alone with women (eyeroll), but what we have taken away from that is that there has for a long time been a breakdown in communication between the sexes about what consent is and how it’s expressed. Olivia breaks it down for us: if you think maybe you should ask, you should just ask.
  • 11:00: If anyone knows where ASHA’s wooden dildos are, please email us at welcometomyvagina@gmail.com or you can email the organization directly (with us cc’ed because we’re so curious) at asha.wesleyan@gmail.com
  • 13:00: Maya talks about how ASHA teaches high school students about building all kinds of relationships, not just romantic ones. Friendships are complicated, too, and it’s important to learn how to build a healthy partnership with all the people in your life.
  • 13:20: Take the love language quiz here! Learn how you express, and prefer to receive, care!
  • 18:22: Rebekah asks Maya and Olivia about violence in same sex relationships. This is something that is not often discussed since partner abuse is generally framed as a heterosexual issue, and specifically as one in which men abuse women. Here is an article from The Atlantic from 2013, one from The Washington Post from 2016 and another one from The Guardian from 2017 that discuss intimate partner violence (physical, sexual, emotional) within same sex relationships.
  • 21:00: Here is some information from RAINN on bystander intervention.
  • 23:00: Curriculum ideas? Information about the missing dildos? Send it all to asha.wesleyan@gmail.com
  • 24:00: “The Crowning,” a WTMV production starring Jessy Caron and Rebekah Frank coming to theaters near you.
  • 28:55: It’s not just pigs and dolphins that enjoy having sex! Also bonobos and Japanese macaques! Oral sex occurs between primates, spotted hyenas, goats, sheep and short-nosed fruit bats! There is also a study of two captive brown bears in Croatia who were observed engaging in 28 acts of oral sex. Animals have sex for fun, too!
  • 29:15: Here is activist mommy. She uses her platform to confront the “lies of abortion, feminism, Islam, and the homosexual agenda with wit and snark like only she can.” AKA she is garbage. Enter her site at your own peril.
  • 33:00: Here is a brief history of Planned Parenthood from their website and another one from Business Insider that, among other things, talks about Margaret Sanger’s insistence that biologists develop a birth control pill. And here is a screenshot of a relevant page from the Encyclopedia of Women’s History in America which we didn’t even know was a thing but now MUST HAVE.
  • 33:23: Most of us know The John Birch Society as, in the words of John Savage in Politico, “that far-right group founded in the thick of the Cold War to fight communists and preach small government.” But this (unfortunately still active) group is not just about small government! Oh no! They also organized around keeping sex ed out of schools. Cool.
  • 33:50: According to a report in the September, 2017 issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health, abstinence-only education is ineffective and unethical. Read about the report here.
  • 34:00: According to this fact sheet from the Guttmacher Institute, at the middle-school level 50% of schools taught that abstinence is the most effective method to avoid pregnancy, HIV and STDs. Only 26% taught about contraceptive efficacy and 10% taught students how to correctly use a condom.
  • 35:00: Here is the current iteration of the Title X (Public Health Service Act) Family Planning Program.
  • 36:00: And here is some info on why it is that women are generally more effected by STIs than men.
  • 38:00: Reagan was a dick. But Clinton, who was a dick in his own way but maybe less so than Reagan?, mostly defunded the Adolescent Family Life Act.

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Family Separation and Reproductive Justice

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah discuss the dangers of city nature – spiders and rats and possums, oh my! – and then get into some more serious territory. As we all know, this administration is monstrous and horrible and made a policy of separating families at the border. Jessy and Rebekah discuss this inhumane policy through the lens of reproductive justice – a framework created by black feminists back in the 1990’s that investigate women’s issues in a way that is much bigger, more nuanced and more inclusive than the reproductive rights framework that is typically relied upon. The ladies then wind it down by reading Jessy’s WTMV Facebook comments. It’s full of hellfire. You don’t want to miss it.

  • 0:06: Jessy and Rebekah share an inside joke!
  • 00:40: Question of the day: do spiders count as city nature?
  • 01:00: So at it turns out there are not brown recluse spiders in New York City. There are, however, yellow sac spiders which are also venomous and their bites can result in painful, ulcerating sores that are slow to heal. Also, they don’t make capture webs so they have to hunt in vegetation and sometimes in homes for prey. Gross.
  • 02:00: It was David Arquette and the movie was Eight Legged Freaks, although we prefer Eight Crazy Legs.
  • 04:10: Check out The Motherline Story Project by Eliza Simpson here. It’s awesome!
  • 06:55: There doesn’t appear to be any easily accessible information about whether women grabbing their own boobs is a sign of luck or something to do with sneezing or if maybe it’s something Rebekah dreamed one time.
  • 08:20: You can find a clear and concise definition of reproductive justice by reading the first article in this reproductive justice briefing book entitled “What is Reproductive Justice?’ by Loretta Ross of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective.
  • 09:15: Here is an article by Osub Ahmed and Christy M. Gamble of the Black Women’s Health Imperative that defines reproductive justice, explains the difference between reproductive justice and reproductive rights and explains why it is important.
  • 10:15: Reproductive justice is “the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, social, and economic well-being of women and girls, based on the full achievement and protection of women’s human rights.” -Loretta Ross
  • 10:50: Here is the article Jessy referenced about Alejandra Pablos and here is another one with more detail about her time spent in detention and the ways she tried to educate the women she was with about our criminal justice system and the something she refers to as “crimmigration,” defined as “the system in which immigrants are funneled into the immigration detention system from the criminal justice system.”
  • 12:00: Here is an article for Dissent Magazine by Dorothy Roberts that talks about the ways in which the reproductive rights movement is actually limited by its focus on abortion and choice. Incredibly interesting read. Highly recommended.
  • 13:19: You can see Jeff  Sessions horrible, disgusting, inhuman statements here.
  • 15:40: According to an article in The New York Times, the typical American adult only life 18 miles from their mother. Over the last few decades, Americans have become less mobile and most adults – but especially those with lower incomes or less education – do not venture far from their hometowns once they grow up.
  • 16:35: Here is an article from Slate about how the entire immigration system is designed to make it impossible for immigrants to navigate, one from Politico about how the Trump administration is having a hard time reuniting families as the reunification deadline approaches and one from Time about how the administration won’t say how many separated children are still being held in centers around the country.
  • 17:00: And this is from when Sessions announced that fleeing domestic violence or gang violence no longer qualifies you for asylum.
  • 17:45: Here is a link to a suit brought by the ACLU against the US government back in February for the government’s unlawful separation of the woman and her child – they are being held in two different immigration facilities two time zones apart – after they sought asylum through legal means 4 months previously.
  • 19:51: Here is information about the Alien Transfer Exit Program (ATEP). It is so fucked up.
  • 22:41:  Here is a link to the quotes from Mary Small, the policy director of Detention Watch Network. She is rad. And here is the quote that Jessy read which we think is important enough to be printed here: “With women, we pretend [enforcement policies] are to protect them from the dangers of migrating north. It is very gendered. We treat women migrants as if they’re nt making informed decisions on behalf of their families in light of the circumstances they’re facing in their home countries and the only way to help women understand this is a hard punishment when they arrive [in the United States]. For men, the public narrative is that they are dangerous and need to be deterred from entering the US. The common root of both is that immigrants make poor choices for themselves and their families and they are people not to be trusted. They are dangerous men and hapless women.”
  • 24:05: We haven’t read this yet but we read about it. Martha Nussbaum, who is a staff writer for The New Yorker, recently published a book called The Monarchy of Fear: A Philosopher Looks at Our Political Crisis. We can’t wait to grab it.
  • 24:26: Here is the Fox News clip with Corey Lewandowski. It is gross.


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In this episode Jessy and Rebekah recount the whole Samantha Bee (rightfully) calling Ivanka Trump a feckless cunt fiasco and also discuss why that is in no way, shape or form the same thing as Roseanne Barr comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape. And then your favorite hosts delve into the world of the incels. It is scary, it is infuriating, it is misogynist garbage but the ladies try their best to lighten it up here and there. And then, because no one should end a podcast on an incel note, Jessy and Rebekah trade fun animal facts. Listen, learn, laugh, share and please, please, please review us!

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And now for the notes…

  • 00:33: Here is a link to Ivanka’s photo, and some background information from our friends at The Guardian, in case you missed it
  • 00:45: And here is the audio of Jeff Sessions doing what Jeff Sessions does best: being a complete and total monster. Honestly it’s hard to listen to so be warned.
  • 00:59: And here is Samantha Bee calling Ivanka Trump a feckless cunt, as she should
  • 01:50: Here is a link to Rebecca Traister’s tweet thread and also an article she wrote for The Cut that expands upon her ideas. You all should follow her. She rocks.
  • 03:15: Here is a fantastic article by Roxane Gay about Roseanne Barr, why what she tweeted was steeped in historical and institutionalized racism and how even though ABC was right to cancel her show, she never should have gotten this reboot in the first place. Roseanne Barr has been a racist, misogynist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, TERF for a long time. This behavior was nothing new and just helps to normalize the policing of black bodies by white people that has been going on for decades.
  • 05:00: Here are a few articles about the hijacking of the word “incel” from one meant to encourage inclusion to the violent, misogynist garbage it has become.
  • 06:15: Here is an article that defines some incel terms and gives an historical overview of the increased visibility of incels in mainstream culture
  • 07:00: Honestly we felt stupid even using this ridiculous language with the “Chads” and the “Stacys” and the “Beckys.” Like, really, what is this shit?!
  • 08:04: Here is a really sickening account from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) about incels celebrating the Toronto mass killing and another one about different male terror groups that the SPLC follows. And one more for good measure about how the “incel rebellion” is not about sex but about a deep seeded hatred of women. Color us shocked.
  • 09:30: Here is Jessica Valenti’s article for the Times.
  • 13:00: Here is Ross Douthat’s (if you can tell us how to pronounce his name properly that would be GREAT) incredibly tone deaf take on incels
  • 18:44: Here is a blog post by Robin Hanson. It is garbage. He is garbage. Read at your own peril. But we advise keeping something close by that you can throw against the wall or down a hallway without causing yourself, your loved ones or your domicile any damage. We recommend pencils, pillows or a TV brick.
  • 20:00: O.M.G Nathan Larson. This shit is unFUCKINGbelievable. This dude admits to being sexually attracted to children and also to raping his ex-wife and he is running for elected office in the same damn district where the Unite the Right rally took place. We just…we have no words. The United States right now is a god damn dumpster fire.
  • 25:00: Okay so admittedly we got a little excited about men only being valued for their penises. But only for a second. Or 20. And only for comedic effect. Well, mostly.
  • 27:00: True facts. Australian possums are exceedingly cute and the ‘o’ in ‘opossum’ is in fact silent! WOW! Also the opossum is the North America’s only known marsupial! WOW AGAIN!
  • 27:30: Just to be clear, Rebekah did not think that the ‘h’ in ‘honest’ is pronounced.
  • And just because it didn’t really fit anywhere else, you all should FOR SURE read this article by Jia Tolentino for The New Yorker. And basically read everything else she writes because she is aaaaaaamazing. We want to be her when we grow up. Even though she is younger than us.

Menstrual Mania

Jessy and Rebekah dip into the taboos of menstruation.

  • 0:30: Jessy and Rebekah start off the episode by saying FUCK YES IRELAND! For those of you who don’t know, Ireland just voted to repeal the dreaded Eighth Amendment which banned abortion outright unless the woman’s life was at risk. That meant basically no abortions period: not in the case of rape, incest or fatal fetal abnormalities. This is a HUGE step in the right direction for women’s rights and women’s health. There is still a long way to go – the ban still stops procedures performed after 12 weeks but this is a fantastic step and we here at WTMV are super excited. (Of note: Northern Ireland still has the most strict laws governing abortion in all of Europe.)
  • 01:15: Jessy gives an update on Oscar the Goat! You can hear all about him in Episode 2 – A Girl’s Worth!
  • 02:44: Bats do not live in a “bapiary.” They live in roosts. Is there a word like apiary or aviary for bats? We don’t know but we would love for all you cat experts out there to tell us!
  • 05:30: Jessy defines and explains menstruation! Rebekah practices being a vampire.
  • 06:30: Try out these period tracking apps! They are life changers. For realz. Clue and Flo.
  • 09:20: Jessy and Rebekah start talking about all the bullshit, misogynist taboos surrounding menstruation. As if it isn’t bad enough to be bleeding for days at a time all you assholes out there have to make us feel bad about it.
  • 11:00: No, sharks are NOT attracted to menstrual blood. Shark expert H. David Baldridge conducted a study on captive sharks. He introduced several bodily fluids – including menstrual blood – to captive sharks to see if it would elicit a feeding frenzy. The only fluid that did have this reaction was peritoneal fluid, the liquid found in our abdominal cavity. Men and women both have peritoneal fluid so therefore we are all equally likely to be killed and eaten by sharks. BOOM! That’s a takedown of misogyny right there.
  • 11:45: Ladies! You really can use menstrual blood to fertilize plants! Our menstrual blood contains three primary plant macronutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium! Just dilute that shit with some water and you’re good to go.
  • 14:45: Apparently if you google “Does JFK Airport sell tampons in the bathroom?” my blogpost about the topic is the first thing to pop up. So, here it is for your reading pleasure: Happy Bloody Valentine’s Day, Folks.
  • 15:00: Menstrual products are REALLY expensive and in some states are taxed as luxury items. As if bleeding for days on end is a luxury. Rebekah and Jessy delved into this issue in Episode 3 – Tampon Tax
  • 16:00: Menstruation, and the lack of knowledge and shame surrounding it, can profoundly impact women’s education. Read about it here, here and here.
  • 22:20: We are sorry to everyone from the Mbuti Tribe who we might have offended. The Mbuti tribe is pretty awesome for so many reasons but for the purposes of this podcast it’s really cool that men and women participate evenly in the hunt!
  • 26:25: PMDD stands for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and is basically PMS on steroids.
  • 29:10: Here is a little information on how your  period can change over time.
  • 30:30: A WTMV Challenge! Try and be open about your period! Talk to people about it. The more we talk about it the better it will get for all of us.
  • 31:50: Rebekah and Jessy play a “Did You Know” lightening round!
  • 32:23: As promised, here is Meghan Markle’s piece for Time Magazine, How Periods Affect Potential.
  • 33:00: Here is Jessy’s video where she talks about menstruation AND Walt Disney.

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Bill Cosby AKA Pill Cosby

Trigger warning: this episode involves in depth discussion of sexual assault and rape.

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah start off by discussing the fact that the Golder State Killer got caught (big ups to Michelle McNamara) and then, as if you thought that wasn’t dark enough, things get more serious. Your favorite almost-famous podcast hosts then discuss the details of the Bill Cosby is a rapist situation that has been unfolding. And it’s about damn time people talk about this since the first allegations involve something that happened in 1965. That was 53 years ago, Vaginalings. And finally, the ladies try to lighten things up by pulling out some results of a 2014 Bill Cosby meme generator gone wrong. The results are mixed.

  • 01:03: Jessy and Rebekah celebrate the arrival of the warm weather! But we all know what arrives with warm weather…creeps, and lots of ‘em.
  • 01:48: The Golden State Killer AKA the East Area Rapist AKA the Original Night Stalker AKA the Visalia Ransacker was finally caught! His name is Joseph DeAngelo and it’s about time that mother fucker got got. You can learn all about him by reading Michelle McNamara’s book I’ll Be Gone in the Dark or listening to episode #1 of My Favorite Murder where Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark talk about the East Area Rapist or episode #118 where the duo reflects on the arrest of a suspect in the decade-long rape/murder/ransack spree.
  • 03:03: Not only does he have two (or maybe three) children but they are daughters. DAUGHTERS!
  • 03:18: He actually called and taunted victims as recently as 2001, not 2000 as Rebekah stated.
  • 03:53: Rebekah was referring to Gary Leon Ridgway, AKA The Green River Killer, who is proven to have murdered 49 people but is suspected of killing at least 90, most of whom were sex workers.
  • 05:18: Jessy and Rebekah begin the real reason for this episode: a discussion of Bill Cosby (insert vomit emoji here).
  • 08:58: *** In September, 2005 Bill Cosby admitted in a deposition that he gave young women Quaaludes in an effort to have sex with them***
  • 09:28: Here is a link to part of Hannibal Buress’ October 16, 2014 bit when Buress really went after Cosby. This had been a part of his bit for a while but this particular performance is credited with bringing Cosby’s actions into the light.
  • 14:18 This article by Noreen Malone in The Cut gives detailed accounts from 35 of Bill Cosby’s accusors.
  • 16:47: According to RAINN, 7 out of 10 rapes are committed by someone known to the victim. Some organizations report that rate as being as high as 9 out of 10 victims although that usually applies to college campuses.
  • 17:18: This doesn’t just happen around the rich and famous. Jessy and Rebekah discuss some reasons why victims of sexual assault don’t come forward and tell their own stories of being victims of sexual assault.
  • 19:13: Here is some info about Brock Turner. This is actually a link to a letter read to the court by the victim. It is really hard to get through but incredibly important.
  • 20:53: Camille Cosby whyyy?!?!
  • 23:06: Here is a link to Barbara Bowman’s article for the Washington Post.
  • 25:04 Here is a link to our episode on the USAG scandal. Give ‘er a listen!
  • 26:17: Back in 2014 the Cosby Camp ill-advisedly created a meme generator to try and drum up some Cosby love. It backfired.

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In this episode Jessy and Rebekah review a menstrual cup that allows you to have sex with the partner of your choosing while you’re on your period without ruining anyone’s sheets! And then WTMV welcomes their first guest, Lucy Frank! Lucy is about to graduate from Duke School of Nursing and visited WTMV to talk about appropriate use of pronouns in a medical scenario and, really, in life. And then Jessy, Rebekah and Lucy played a celebrity themed drinking game with T-Rex arms? You’ll have to listen for details.

0:39: Jessy and Rebekah (but mostly Jessy) offer a completely unpaid review of SoftCup. It’s great. We (mostly) love SoftCup. But, Dear SoftCup, please sponsor our podcast. Okay thank you.

5:00: We spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out why the Diva Cup dries you out. The SoftCup box says that SoftCup is one of the only products that doesn’t dry you out but, despite the fact that Rebekah has experienced the drying-out effects of the diva cup, she cannot seem to find corroborating evidence. More research will be done and we will share our findings. But this is one area in which the Internet has failed us.

7:40: Rebekah’s sister Lucy comes to WTMV to talk about the appropriate use of pronouns in the world but, more specifically, in a medical context (FYI: she’s a nurse). Welcome to Welcome to My Vagina, Lucy!

15:30: Watch Jessy’s amazing video called “Intersex Basics.” It’s all about the fact that gender exists on a spectrum and how people oversimply everything to make it easier to fit those they interact with into neat little boxes. But we all know that life is never easily categorized. People are complicated and that is what makes us amazing. So watch her video.  Also, read Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Eugenides wrote this book because he was dissatisfied with the way literature and history dealt with intersex anatomy and emotions. Read it and then let’s talk about it.

17:00: Education is key! The more we talk about things, the more people learn and become more comfortable. So let’s keep talking. All the time. About everything. But let’s agree to not expect marginalized populations to do all the work. It’s up to all of us to research and make the effort. That includes nurses, podcasters, bartenders, bankers, politicians, teachers and everyone else.

17:30: Say it with us: being transgender is not a problem.

19:20: “Vanessa Goes to the Doctor.” This video is EVERYTHING.

23:30: Here is a link to Duson Spectrum, the Gay-Straight Alliance at Duke School of Nursing.

24:30: Here is a little information about “Let’s Talk About Sex!” It’s an interactive workshop for healthcare providers and students to get used to, you guessed it, talking about sex! All in an effort to make it more comfortable for the provider as well as the patient.

27:00: Ethan Cicero is awesome. He wrote an incredible, and deeply troubling, article about the barriers to care for transgender people that everyone should read. Seriously. Read it. His efforts have shed much needed light on this issue and are hopefully leading to higher educational standards across the medical community.

29:50: Lucy gives us some really wild statistic about victims of sex trafficking. It’s horrible. We all have to do better but health care providers are oftentimes the only people outside sex trafficking rings that come in contact with victims.

34:40: Hold on to your hats, folks, because Jessy, Rebekah and Lucy play a drinking game! And get drunk. And then go out after the podcast is over and continue having drinks. There was laughter, there were tears, Lucy ate scallop tacos. (This part of the day was thankfully not recorded.)

Swear count: Rebekah Esther “Swears like a Sailor” Frank swore 8 times. She was handily out-swore by Jessy “Potty Mouth” Caron who swore 9 whole times!

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Jessy’s awesome YouTube videos! She’s crushing it

Welcome to My Vagina HQ

Rebekah’s blog!

Our great producer Cait and all the other awesome projects by morebanana_

Cyber Harassment

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah get attacked by turkeys on Staten Island, talk about cyber harassment they have experienced and the well-known cases that make them mad/nervous, and then close the episode out by wondering what animal is the rudest. You don’t want to miss it. We promise.

0:30 Jessy an Rebekah get attacked by turkeys!

3:45 We got a really awesome review from a friend! And you guys have all been so great about telling us that you love our podcast! But maybe tell iTunes? Or Stitcher? Please review us or send us an email us at welcometomyvagina@gmail.com and let us know what you think.

5:35 Rebekah makes the best dad joke ever. Do you have a better dad joke? Email it to us. We want to hear from you! PLEASE EMAIL US! OR TWEET US @welcometomyvag!

6:15 Jessy and Rebekah get into the meat of this episode: the cyber harassment that women experience on the internet, starting with a story Rebekah tells of a particular internet troll who used to get drunk and make up email addresses to bother her from. Addresses he would promptly delete after sending rude emails.

8:46 You can, and should, read Rebekah’s blog post entitled “Apparently I’m a Failure” here. But you should also read some of her other stuff.

9:35 Jessy reads a comment that she got on her YouTube page (which you should check out and subscribe to because it’s great and funny and educational). Check out this video specifically: The Dirty F Word.

11:55 Just a reminder about the “sorry jar!” We spoke about it in Episode 6: Sorry Not Sorry.

13:35 If you are going to criticize us, cite your sources. We love well researched rebuttals. But don’t come at us with some bullshit.

15:00 The Duke Lacrosse case. Every time someone questions a woman’s veracity, they almost always reference this case. Here are some articles. And, in fact, the story is far more complicated than the way Rebekah characterized it. The men were exonerated but the accuser still stands by her allegations, as she serves time in jail for murdering her abusive boyfriend. Which is a conversation for another day.

21:10 Here is some information about GamerGate which was the most ridiculous online sexist mob to ever exist. Until the next one.

24:02 Anita Sarkeesian was supposed to give a speech at Utah State University, not the University of Utah. Sorry Utes.

24:20 You should check out everything Feminist Frequency has to offer.

27:15 Rebekah unleashes her somewhat controversial feelings about the First Amendment. Let us know your thoughts. Email us!

28:25 Check out our podcast about Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse if you missed it.

30:30 Jessy and Rebekah ask each other funny questions! Some of them involving birds! Now that is what we call coming full circle. But seriously, seriously. How many chickens would it take to kill an elephant? Email us your thoughts at welcometomyvagina@gmail.com

Rebekah’s Swear Tally: Rebekah Esther “Sweats Like a Sailor” Frank swore a whopping 23 times. Woah.

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Sorry Not Sorry : Women Apologizing

In this episode Jessy and Rebekah play a few rousing rounds of “Would You Rather,” introduce the Welcome To My Vagina Sorry Jar (all accumulated apology money will be donated to a women focused charity!) and talk about why women apologize so much. Sorry. We’re just so very sorry.

0:30 Let the “Would You Rathers” begin! Please reach out to us via email, direct message, phone call or text and let us know what you would rather do, tan plaid or sweat cheese?? WE HAVE TO KNOW! (Sorry for yelling.)

0:45 Jessy accidentally said vagina instead of vulva! Why does this matter? Listen to our first episode, “Vulva Shame,” to find out! Sorry, we don’t mean to be pushy.

4:42 Sorry you kicked me.

11:00 Introducing (drum roll please) the Welcome To My Vagina Sorry Jar! Where should we donate it?? Email us and give us your suggestions!

15:10 Our super awesome producer Cait paid us a visit and, as if she knew exactly what to say to advance the message of our episode, she apologized! Multiple times! Best producer ever.

16:46 Because we brain farted big time while recording, Cecile Richards is the (now retiring) president of Planned Parenthood. Sorry, Cecile. We love you. And we loved your mom.

22:30 For the first (but certainly not last) time on this podcast, Rebekah owns up to her absolute love of Brian Lehrer. He is a national treasure and for that she is not sorry.

24:00 “Would You Rather” Part 2!

Rebekah’s Swear Tally: Rebekah Esther “Swears Like a Sailor” Frank swore 6 times in this episode.

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Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse

In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah weigh in on the national conversation about gun violence and wonder why domestic violence isn’t discussed as one of the contributing factors. Your favorite hosts also eat some chips and challenge each other’s knowledge of everything fun, and humorously tragic, with their very first “Did You Know?!?!” Lightening Round. Sit back and enjoy.

Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence:

If you or anyone you know is in a dangerous situation – emotionally, physically or otherwise – with an intimate partner, stalker, family member or loved one – please reach out to one of the following resources:The National Domestic Violence Hotline

This is a 24-hour toll free hotline created through the Violence Against Women Act. You can call the hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

You can also chat with people online by visiting The National Domestic Violence Hotline website at www.thehotline.org

The Hotline also has links to domestic violence relief organizations in all 50 states, Washington DC, Guam, Puerto Rico and St. Croix. To find those resources visit www.thehotline.org

We are recording in Brooklyn, New York. According to the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in both 2016 and 2017 New York state has the highest deand in the country for domestic violence services. Every single county in New York has at least one agency specifically designed to offer services to victims of domestic violence and their children. The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

This is a 24-hour New York domestic violence hotline. You can call the hotline at 1-800-942-6906

You can visit www.nyscadv.org to find more localized support

For those here in New York City, you can call 1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

In this episode….

0:22:  Jessy and Rebekah eat chips. Chips for gender equality….wait a second…

2:42:  A brief explanation of the information we are presenting and what is missing in the statistics we referenced in the making of this episode

4:00: Rebekah said that the walk-out on April 20th is to mark the 10th anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School. She misspoke. It will be the 20th anniversary. Columbine happened on April 20, 1998.

10:22: Jessy farted. Kidding, she didn’t It was the chair’s squeaky leather.

10:40: Experts who study domestic violence call it “intimate terrorism,” which is basically the most heartbreakingly accurate name for anything ever.

10:55: Jessy gives an explanation as to why victims of domestic violence don’t “just leave.”

11:50: Janay Rice (nee Palmer) was knocked unconscious in an elevator by her husband, former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice, in Atlantic City in February, 2014. She immediately became, according to the New York Times, “the most famous bartered wife in the country.” The events ignited a nationwide conversation about domestic violence, what should be done and how a battered woman “should” behave or “should” proceed in the aftermath. You can read Janay Rice’s story as recounted to Jemele Hill here.

15:25: Rebekah draws a parallel between sexual assault and gun violence


Rebekah’s Swear Tally: In this episode Rebekah “Curses Like A Sailor” Frank swore 6 times.

Further Reading:

Mother Jones’ Guide to Mass Shootings

The Violence Policy Center puts out an annual piece called “When Men Murder Women” that analyzes homicide data. This annual study looks state by state and details all the circumstances of reported homicides of women by men in single-victim/single-offender incidents.

This article in the New York Times called “Control and Fear: What Mass Killings and Domestic Violence Have in Common” is an important read.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg started an organization called Everytown for Gun Safety. They are an incredibly active group working towards increased gun control measures. Visit https://everytown.org to learn more about what they do and to access all their studies.

Thank you for listening and we will C U Next Tuesday!

Etymology of Pussy

This episode is brought to you by Teri, AKA Jessy’s mom, who was curious about where the word pussy came from. Well, Teri, we’re gonna tell ya.

0:38 Jessy explains how she victim shamed a giraffe

2:48 You might have noticed that we changed our release day – find out why!

5:00 What are the origins of the word pussy, you ask?

7:22 Pusillanimous, what?! For more on the pussy/pusillanimous connection, check out this 8-pronged take down by the Tumblr user nerdloveandlolz: http://anthrocentric.tumblr.com/post/81621685922/pussy-is-not-short-for-pusillanimous

11:40 Read the full Huffington Post interview with Merriam-Webster’s Kory Stamper: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/where-does-pussy-come-from_us_57fc0968e4b0b6a43034e7ac

18:30 We figured out what ‘Grose’ refers to! In 1785 a man by the name of Francis Grose put out the first edition of the “Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.” Grose was the first person to collect slang words from all over the world while not limiting himself to the words used by criminals. Grose and his assistant Tom Cocking (hahaha) would walk around London at night and collect slang words that they would later compile into a book. Throughout the 19th century the Vulgar Tongue was recognized as the English slang dictionary and it strongly impacted all future dictionaries of its kind. So, Grose and Cocking, partners in slang.

26:00 Need to know more words for pussy? We got you covered. It’s a pussy war up in here!

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Things are about to get messy. Jessy and Rebekah dig into Tampon Tax and how it affects the wallets of women, who don’t have a choice. First, Jessy tells a short story about a man who’s not too pleased with the word “vagina” (shocker). Don’t worry there’s a happy ending.

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A Girl’s Worth

This week’s episode is a little heavy, but worry not, we break it up for ya.

Jessy tells a story about anxiety dreams.

Rebekah pulls out an impassioned, in-depth look at the scandal rocking USA Gymnastics, the US Olympic Committee and Michigan State University. The take away this week: which cases demand the media’s attention from the jump and which get pushed aside until the 11th hour.

And the relief: a discussion of kittens and super villains to help us cope.

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Here for the inaugural episode of Welcome To My Vagina, hosts Jessy and Rebekah introduce themselves, their mission, and then delve into the topic of VULVA SHAME!

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Trailer – First Episode out January 15th!

Introducing Welcome To My Vagina, hosted by Jessy Caron and Rebekah Frank. Destroying the taboo of sex and shutting down misogyny via the black hole of the vagina. A laugh til you queef adventure in sex education made up on the spot, but probably (definitely) researched.

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