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In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah read a review, Rebekah talks about her hairy, hairy vulvic region and then your favorite hosts sit down and have a chat with their producer Cait Moldenhauer about her experience having an abobo. Or an abortion. Whatever you want to call it. As always, we try to tackle it with a good dash of humor, but in the end, it’s a well-researched and serious conversation about abortion access, care and the experience of one woman who believes that talking openly about her abortion will help undo some of the shame put on women who choose to have one. It’s a good listen. Enjoy!

  • 01:16: If you haven’t checked out our body hair episode, what are you waiting for?! Find the link here.
  • 06:15: Here is the Science Vs episode Cait references. Give it a listen! It’s super informative.
  • 06:46: Here is the trailer for Reversing Roe
  • 10:25: Women and low income people found getting a divorce easier starting in the 1960s and it was in the 1970s that no-fault divorces started becoming more popular. But it wasn’t until 2010 that New York state became the last of the 50 states to allow a no-fault divorce even when there was no mutual consent for the divorce. Wow! Who knew?!
  • 11:30: Here are some FAQs on the CDC website, including the fact that states are not required to report abortions to any centralized database.
  • 14:30: This is an INCREDIBLE article by Kayla Webley Adler for Marie Claire magazine on Dr. Colleen McNicholas entitled “On the Front Lines of the Abortion Wars.” We highly recommend you read this.
  • 15:30: Here is the New York Times article about the assassination of George Tiller in his church in Kansas.
  • 31:00: Here is some information from NARAL about forced ultrasound laws. They are horrible.
  • 41:00: Here is an article from Planned Parenthood all about the abortion pill and how it works. Here is something from the Mayo Clinic. And another one from Smithsonian Magazine that talks about the reasons people use the abortion pill and how some women buy them online because they do not have access nearby. And finally, one from Glamour magazine. These are not all perfect articles but they do give context for some of the issues we get into in the show.
  • 42:45: Just as an aside, here is a blog about how women suffering from chronic pain wait longer to receive pain medication. This reflects the disparity in care given to men and women. When viewed through this lens, it is not surprising that women do not receive pain medication when undergoing an incredibly painful experience.
  • 43:30: There are abortion doulas! Here is an article written by one. And if you are an abortion doula, we want to talk to you! EMAIL US PLEASE at
  • 49:00: If you want to check out all the amazing shows on the More Banana roster, follow this link!

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