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In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah welcome a guest into their vagina. Introducing (drum roll please!) Leigh!!!! Here is a little bit about Leigh, in their own words:

At the intersection of sex education and creativity is where you will find multiracial pansexual genderqueer professional dominant, Mistress/Master Leigh. They are an international LGBTQIAP and sex worker rights’ advocate/organizer, community-based sex researcher/educator, filmmaker/performer, martial artist/fetish wrestler, an alternative sex media consultant, and a professional dominant who does fetish work as both male and female. Leigh specializes in multiplayer scenes, LGBTQAP, and physically disabled persons. This will be their 3rd DomCon teaching for the industry-only classes. You can regularly find Leigh’s entitled ass trying to submit you on a Jiu Jitsu mat or just attempting to stay woke.

This is a very fun and informative episode so listen up. We learned a ton and we think you will too.

  • 02:00: We play Fuck, Marry, Kill: the Putin/Pence/Kellyanne Conway edition!
  • 05:00: Leigh introduces themself, and we can assure you that despite what they might say they are not boring AT ALL.
  • 06:15: Here is an article – and accompanying video from Vice – with some information about fetish wrestling. And here is a really cool piece from The Mirror that gives a great overview of the consent involved and what the motivations behind fetish wrestling are.
  • 09:45: Here is the Time article by Samantha Cooney in which Leigh is quoted as saying, “sex workers are experts at negotiating consent. When you have a monetary transaction, there have to be very clear boundaries about what is going to transpire because it is an issue of money.”
  • 10:30: Here is the Buzzfeed article by Melissa Broudo that Leigh references as the source of their comment on sex workers and consent. It is an INCREDIBLE read.
  • 10:45: Here is a link to Melissa Broudo’s organization, The Sharmus Outlaw Advocacy and Rights Institute, AKA  Soar Institute, which works to “shift minds, hearts, and skills of service providers, communities, and policy makers to benefit those involved in the sex industry, trafficked individuals, and related communities.”
  • 13:30: This Medium article is by no means a full analysis on radical feminism, but it is somewhat useful in gaining familiarity with the term. There are a lot of huge problems with radical feminism which include, but are not limited to, it’s tendency to discriminate against the trans community as well as its insistence that sex work is inherently exploitative of those who perform it.
  • 21:30: You should listen to Leigh on Semi-Woo Podcast, Season 2 Episode 8, “All in a Day’s (Sex) Work.”
  • 28:30: Here is our episode on Incels if you missed it which you wouldn’t if you were subscribed to our podcast! Which you totally should be because we are awesome.
  • 29:00: You should for sure check out Jessy’s YouTube Channel! And here is a link specifically to the episode she did on Incels.
  • 33:00 “If you watch porn you’re part of the sex industry. Welcome.”
  • 36:00: Here is a Dazed Digital article that explains the reasons Gizelle Marie started the NY Stripper Strike. You can watch Gizelle’s journey, and get way more information, by checking out her Instagram page.
  • 42:00: Leigh talks about legislation called SESTA FOSTA which was intended to interrupt sex trafficking but the language of the legislation is extremely loose and leaves a lot of room for interpretation; and a lot of room for it to impact all of our lives as well as the lives of sex workers. Check out this episode #119 of Reply All: No More Safe Harbor for more information on the history of this law as well as its far-reaching effects.
  • 56:00: BREATH
  • 1:04:00: Here are the organizations Leigh recommends looking into:

Here is where you can follow Leigh:

  • Website:
  • Twitter:  @Ms_tress_Leigh
  • Instagram: @dominartrix
  • Fetlife: Ms_tress_Leigh

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