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In this episode, Jessy and Rebekah interview Natalie Wall of Awkward Sex and the City fame. It’s a stand-up show AND a podcast in the MoreBanana family and you should all give it a listen. As soon as you’re done listening to this episode, of course. We start out with a rousing game of “Would You Rather” sent to us by Rebekah’s friend Noelle. Thanks, Noelle!

  • 02:00: We play a game of “would you rather” during which we basically solve all the  quandaries plaguing society.
  • 03:00: Botox is, in fact, used to treat people with chronic migraines! Science is great!
  • 04:35: Gwen Stefani is actually 49 years old and she looks DAMN good. Also, she’s 5’6”. For some reason we thought she was a lot shorter than that.
  • 06:30: Check out Natalie’s AMAZING podcast here! Binge it! It’s great!
  • 10:00: The Anita who Natalie is referring to is none other than Anita Flores of the MoreBanana produced podcast “I’m Listening: A Frasier Podcast with Anita Flores.” It’s badass!
  • 11:00: “Sex and the City” premiered on June 6th, 1998.
  • 22:45: Oh my god here is a story about *69 from The Washington Post that was published on July 5, 1996. It is called “NOW, ANYONE’S GOT YOUR NUMBER,” and yes the title is written in all caps.
  • 25:14: The quote that Jessy read is from Ernest Becker’s book The Denial of Death.
  • 27:44: It isn’t a crane, it’s a stork. Although it would be really funny to think about cranes used at construction sites being the means by which babies are delivered in big cities…
  • 28:00: If you haven’t listened to our episode with Leigh, what are you waiting for?! It is so good. So informative. And you can find it by following this link!
  • 39:00: It is confirmed: Natalie and Rebekah actually have the same dad.
  • 41:15: Here is a link to Natalie’s article about semen.
  • 43:30: It is a Callery Pear, or Pyrus calleryana if you prefer the Latin, that smells like semen. It’s really common throughout North America.

Here’s where you can find Natalie!

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