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In this episode, Jessy tells a story about how some lady grabbed her ass and then gaslit her and in doing so reminds us all that it isn’t only men who don’t understand consent! We relearn the ever important lesson to keep your hands to your damn self. And then you favorite guides through the Vagina Dynasty talk all about the word hysteria, its history and why it still plagues women to this day.

  • 06:30: Do you like etymology? And where words come from? Well you’re in luck because we did a whole entire episode on the etymology of the word pussy! We weren’t able to come to any real conclusions but hot damn did we have a good time doing it.
  • 09:25: Jessy has dated a lot of bros and that’s why she knows what icing is. Rebekah knows because she is friends with Jessy. Don’t know what it is? Check out this handy article all about the phenomenon of icing.
  • 09:30: In a very cursory search we were not able to find any evidence that men held women up-side-down by their ankles and shook them to get their wombs to go back to where they belong but we still stand by our belief that this for sure happened. Fight us.
  • 10:30: Kindly insert “A Womb of Her Own” joke here.
  • 11:10: OMG the uterus is basically like the Puck of the body! Being all mischievous and playing tricks on people and stuff. Shakespeare 100% used the uterus as an inspiration for the character.
  • 12:30: Here is a somewhat reliable source that basically confirms Rebekah’s statement that women would have babies and then die before menopause. A rough estimate gleaned from tomb inscriptions that share ages have led scientists to believe that half the Romans who lived to age 15 were dead by 45. So…
  • 12:45: Yo this Galen dude has a school of nursing named after him and we are kind of thinking that maybe…he shouldn’t? Well, he did normalize dissections which we guess is pretty important but wouldn’t you think that in the process he would discover that there aren’t septic eggs floating around women’s bodies? Just sayin’
  • 13:20: No one is more disappointed about this turn of events than us (and probably Rachel Maines) but here is an article from The Atlantic asserts that there was scant evidence that orgasm was used to treat hysteria and that Maines’ book was not properly peer reviewed before publication. And, if you really want to nerd out, is the scientific paper by Hallie Lieberman and Eric Schatzberg called “A Failure of Academic Quality Control: The Technology of Orgasm.”
  • 13:30: Even though now maybe some of what we said isn’t true, you should still listen to Menage a Moi and also our interview with Sarah Quinn. There is a lot of good stuff in both of them.
  • 24:30: Check out one of our very favorite episodes, “Don’t Put That in Your Vagina: A Love Letter to Dr. Gunter.”
  • 25:30: No but really, check this shit out it is gnarly. And not in a good way.
  • 28:45: It is always a good time to watch this video.
  • 29:00: Here is a trailer for the movie Hysteria which is only worth watching because it stars Maggie Gyllenhaal! Definitely drink some wine while watching.
  • 30:30: Here is part of “On Militant Hysteria” by Sir Almroth Wright if you care to peruse.
  • 32:00: DR. JOHN HARVEY KELLOGG TOTALLY DID INVENT CORNFLAKES! He loved cornflakes and circumcision and he HATED masturbation! And that’s why he invented cornflakes! Because of self pleasure! Holy shit we can’t breathe.
  • 33:40: Here is the clip of Jason Miller calling Kamala Harris hysterical and then having his ass called the fuck out by Kirsten Powers.
  • 37:50: This does not only happen in Canada, it also happens here in the US. Snopes has confirmed that “In 45 states, doctors and medical students are legally allowed to practice pelvic exams on patients who are under anesthesia without being granted explicit consent to do so.” We only have 50 states in this country so you do the math.
  • 33:40: We featured Abby Norman’s Ask Me About My Uterus on our Instagram and it appears in our reading list! Highly recommended if you want to learn more about how women’s pain is discounted or if you have some sort of chronic pain and need to feel less alone.
  • 40:00: Want to learn about abortion a little? Check out our conversation with our SUPER badass producer Cait!

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